Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Strangers on the Train

As kids, we were told not to talk to strangers. To avoid them at all costs if we didn’t want to end up in their rucksacks. But that commandment was likened to change as we grow a bit older and wiser. Suddenly, these strangers have become enigmatic and interesting. We then hop on the train of strangers only to be delighted by their humor, inspired by their talents, and mesmerized by their unique character. They became our acquaintances, colleagues, and friends.

The long, lonely ride inside the train is now bearable and surprisingly fun. Their laughter reverberates throughout the train, the air now thick with endless conversations, friendly advice and surprising dialogues. And like any other journey, there are stopovers. Some choose to wait and stay, while others move on to take the road less traveled, as they leave behind nothing but heartfelt memories and friendship.

And now, as we go along and continue this never ending ride of our lives, we will never forget the special relationships we’ve fostered with each and every one of them. For these individuals are strangers no more.

After almost 3 years of service, I decided to get off the train (my present company) and move on to the road. I am traveling on to a different road, yet the learning and memories remain...