Monday, May 19, 2014

Fine Dining at Home

Wife: “I prepare the food in less than an hour. You finish it in a few minutes. Even so, I will never get tired of cooking for you.”

Husband: “The food you serve is far more delicious than any meal a fine-dining restaurant can offer.”

These were our lines when I cooked for hubby a day after our 1st year anniversary. We both said it jokingly but it was a treasured moment worth remembering. Nothing beats a home-made meal cooked and prepared with TLC. And so, let me share the menu for that night: 

Grilled Norwegian salmon 
Crunchy Breaded-Shrimp
Maki-inspired Salad

For ladies out there who want to reinvent something new or spark up a fine-dining experience at home, try cooking instead of dining out. I am no expert chef, but getting ready for more posts re: cooking milestones in this blog.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ad Summit PH 2014

The Age of Enlightenment.  This was the theme of this year’s Ad Summit, where marketing teams and advertising enthusiasts soaked in inspiration, validation and energized motivation from the rock stars of the ad industry. Let me share with you a glimpse of our enlightened journey.

Day one started on a high note with crowd favorite Chot Reyes linking basketball and advertising.  The five-time PBA Coach of the Year and Sports5 head likened the advertising industry to a basketball game, saying
that scoring advertising three-pointers takes trust, effort, accountability and motivation (TEAM). Coach Chot made me see basketball in a different light and yes, our world of advertising has so much to learn from the
wonderful world of basketball.

Following Reyes was Y&R Asia Pacific regional executive creative director Marcus Rebeschini, who talked about taking on the Impossible. "Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done," He explained that when things become difficult, many people think that what they set out to do is impossible. “You can either say it's impossible, or you can do the impossible."

From aspiration to inspiration, Sandipan Roy of Isobar, talks about how the transparency brought by the Internet has made brands more accountable to the consumer.  He discussed how the internet has changed things.  Because of technology, the four Ps of marketing no longer exist in silo of each other. With the advent of social media, Sandipan notes that purchase is no longer an isolated experience. Our social media friends provide a hyper-speed-word-of-mouth influence.

After an inspiring first day, Day two of the Ad Summit was packed with amazing case studies that provoked brands to challenge norms to truly make a difference.  Shu chang of Omnicom started the day by sharing 10
narratives that challenger brands use to overthrow competition. Chiu chang spoke about how challenger brands  can threaten big players.  Chiang said that "Digital and social media allows challenger brands with low budgets to reach consumers". Chiang also said that it's important for brands to remain true to their identity. "What's really important is to take a stance and stick by it.”  he said.

Perhaps one of the most engaging talks during the summit came from Merlee Jayme of DM9JaymeSyfu who shared various campaigns that changed the lives of people.  “Liking isn’t Helping” seeks to point out that tangible actions such as donations or volunteering are much more useful to help victims of war or natural disaster. The “Burry the Past” project has helped thousands of Filipino women whose lives have been affected by online scandals. And the Smart Text Books campaign has allowed millions of underprivileged kids access to textbooks in the form of a simcard. It was emphasized that the creative mind can do good, but the creative heart can do wonders.

On the final day of Ad Summit Pilipinas, advertising legends inspired delegates with a single message:   that brands can influence social change.

Other than the heavy rains of prizes, interactive gatherings from sponsors and star-studded activities, insights from this year’s ad summit surely created a big impact to how advertisers and the media people think and
implement things. Enlightenment it is.

Looking forward to the next Ad Summit. #adsummitph

Credits: Ad Summit Speakers, BPI Delegates