Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zamboanga: Asia's Latin City

More than the Spanish touch of the Chavacano tongue, there are some things that make Asian’s Latin City one of the best attractions in the Philippines. Zamboanga City is known as "Asia's Latin City". And indeed, this highly urbanized city in the south-western part of the Philippines offers other interesting facets beyond its rich heritage and culture. 

An itinerary in Zamboanga wouldn’t be complete without visiting the different attractions in the city proper as well as going to Pasonanca where one can visit parks and climbed a hill to have a good view of the city. 

Latin or Filipino Touch?

These days, tourists will be glad to know that Vinta Sailing is offered at
Paseo del Mar during weekends. The boats docked there are managed by
fishermen who, after heading out to sea in the morning for the day’s catch,
unfurl the colorful sails on their boats and, weather and wind conditions
permitting, offer rides around the area.

Baby Comes with Mommy to Work

Barako Ice Cream to Keep the Conservation Going on a Late Night
(Country Chicken)

The food most associated with Zamboanga City is curacha, coconut crabs that
can only be found in the deep waters of Zamboanga. The dish is served at
the Alavar Seafood Restaurant, an institution here and a top destination
for serious foodies in Zamboanga. 
Curacha is served with a delicious blend
of coconut milk and spices at the restaurant located along Don AlfaroStreet.

 Seafoods and Buco Juice for the Strong Tummy

 Knickerbocker of Palmeras  - A Bestseller We Can't Leave Without
(mixture of watermelon chunks, banana slices, papaya with gelatin chunks
 and topped with Strawberry Ice Cream)

Colorful Trike, Inspired by Vintas

"Mas Alegre na Zamboanga" - Kids at Play

Go Crazy with "Lokot-lokot" - an indigenous delicacy found in Zamboanga
Also called Zambo Rolls -  crunchy roll made of rice powder
 which looks like thin noodles bound and rolled into this crunchy rolls

Go visit Zamboanga, Asia's Latin City.