Monday, July 27, 2009

A Reason Why I Visit Facebook

Recently, Facebook boomed in cyberspace, and is now having a lot of regular registered visitors.
Facebook is very much well-renowned as a social networking site. This site caters to a big market ranging from teenagers to adults.

When asked why they are Facebook aficionados, many would mention interesting features, such as interactivity, web-based games (Pet Society, Farmtown, Restaurant City, etc.), and random quizzes and exams for everyone.

As for me, I have another special reason why I visit Facebook.
I avail of the service uLink.

Chikka, by far, is more advanced and commercialized. However, uLink timidly caters to my SMS needs. Yes, Free SMS on Facebook is what I'm after for. :) Without having to download anything, just be a registered Facebook user, and pronto! You can send Free SMS.

Facebook, after all, allows interactivity and provides satisfactory embedded services for its users.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Been to Paradise

Yeah, I've been to "Paradise".

Its definition varies from one mouth to another.
When you hear the word "paradise", you may think of any of the following:
1. A famous song (by Madonna or any artist)
2. An award-winning novel
3. A cemetery (might be the famous one in San Mateo, Philippines)
4. any wonderful and amazing destination

This week, I was able to explore more of nature around me. Guess what I found? A place of complete bliss and delight and space. I was momentarily awed by the water and the lively carps in it. I got a chance to ponder on the happenings in my life for the past few months.

This garden is the original model for the cover image in the brochure
"Look! I Am Making All Things New"

A relevant point in life:
Sometimes you have to move away from the noisy buzz around you and have time with creation alone. Meditation with nature is one of the greatest relaxation technique ever discovered. Try it for yourself. ;)

Refreshing greenery

Whatever paradise the world may provide us now, I am still looking forward to the real paradise in the future. (as promised in Luke 23:43).

Friday, July 24, 2009

Not Just a Simple Towel

Have you ever stayed in a cozy hotel or in a relaxing restaurant and was greeted by an amazingly folded towel?

Cute towels are designed by people who studied the art of towel folding. Sometimes it's called towel origami. So, origami is not only for paper, but also for towels, as well.

I've seen a lot of towel folding art in hotels and high-class rooms (such as flowers and hearts), yet I was amazed by these designs.

"Grandma is special."

A dinosaur or an alligator?

Some designs are folded from multiple towels, others from just one big towel.

Travel-wise, cruise ship attendants usually greet their guests using these towel folding techniques. But guess where I saw these styles?

In Bethel! The Watchtower Society volunteers are skillfully talented.
I hope I could learn one of their skills ;)

So the next time, you saw a skillfully folded towel, please take time to appreciate the complexity of the human mind and the art of room making. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


VIRGINITY – A long time ago, it was a badge of honor, chasteness and modesty. Nowadays, it is treated by many as a mark of immaturity, weirdness, and a malady to those who are not “in”.

Unsurprisingly, youths are giving up their virginity. At an early age of 14 (or less), some already experienced sexual relations. Brought about by curiosity, peer pressure, lack of knowledge and a liberated attitude, many approve of premarital sex.

Once you give it, there is no turning back. Like a broken glass, it cannot be used again for an honorable purpose. The bits and pieces will just be there, yet the glass is not whole anymore.

It may seem pleasurable for some, yet consider the aftereffects:
1. Sexually transmitted diseases – especially for those with a variety of partners
2. Guilt and disappointment – lack of self control and diminished self-respect topped the list
3. A feeling of vanity in pursuits and self-degradation
4. Emotional scars – Some individuals are just after the sexual relations, yet no love is present. After the act, they leave their partners behind.

So for ladies (and girls) out there, may we all consider virginity as a precious possession. Though opinions may vary, may we stick to what is honorable and reap the fruits of chastity and a building lasting intimacy with a partner, not just the present pleasures of lust and lack of self-control.

Virginity is still the best gift you can give to your marriage partner. =)
So take care of your "glass". ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bicycle Ride

With the cool breeze blowing my hair, I closed my eyes for a second and felt the wind struck my face. I felt light as a feather, yet moving at a speed I can control. I maintained my balance and felt freedom - to go anywhere I want.

I always feel this whenever I ride a bicycle – the passion of freedom, balance and agility.

Bicycles are simple yet beautifully elegant machines that attract almost all sorts of people – from kids to adults.

Let me share a metaphor a friend told me, about bicycle and love. (From a movie? LOL)

The bicycle has 2 wheels (front and rear), which are directly connected. When you turn the pedals one time, the wheel goes around one time also. No bicycle can function with just one wheel. If one wheel is not in order the bicycle wont function. The two wheels need to be coordinated to have a successful trip.

Similar with romantic love.

The two parties need to be directly linked to each other – same goal, same course and same passion. They have to be in the same speed and turns. If one is stronger, the other gives assistance. If the former has difficulties, the latter helps. No love will flourish if only one “wheel” functions. It has to be an effort of two parties - a give and take relationship.

It is good to see this type of “bicycle relationships” in a lot of couples, and I hope a lot of “bicycles” reach their destinations :)

My precious bicycle :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Who Are Your True Friends?

Clich├ęd as it may sound, the statement “No man is an island” is definitely true.
We are born to be with others and to enjoy the company of other people. No matter how independent a person may be, he/she still needs a social network to live with.

Shot taken in Pagudpud, Ilocos

In this world full of hypocrisy and betrayal, it is hard to find a real set of friends who will always be loyal to you despite trials and hindrances. Some people are two-faced; others talk about you behind their backs, others are not trustworthy, and the list goes on and on.

True friends live footprints in your heart. ;)

Quoting from a famous saying,
“A true companion is loving all the time, and is a brother that is born for when there is distress”.

Yes a true friend is present not only in good times, but also in the worst times of your life, ready to offer a helping hand. A true friend doesn’t always agree to everything you do, yet knocks your head and scolds you when you’re doing something wrong. He/she does not tolerate you for your wrongdoings, but reminds you of the right way.

Yes, making friends can be difficult, but keeping them is harder. So let’s all try to create and maintain the BEST kind of friendships.

A friend is always there ready to offer a hand.

A companion in times of hardship and adventure...

An acquaintance in doing crazy stuffs and let's you laugh your heart out

But is always determined to keep the bond of friendship no matter what....

P.S. To my everdearest friends, thank you for everything.
I am so thankful for those who came and stayed in my life. Let's all share the ups and downs of life.

Friends forever and ever ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thrilled at Enchanted Kingdom

What makes an experience great is not actually the place, it's the people you're with.

Definitely true.

Though I've been to numerous amusement parks and attractions, still, nothing beats my "EK" Enchanted Kingdom adventure.

Typhoon, heavy traffic and even multiple delays did not hinder us from setting off to the Wizard's Kingdom.

EK offers a lot of attractions, and the ride-all-you-can stub is always utilized whenever I purchase one. But an EK trip wouldn't be complete without trying out my top 2 picks.

TOP 1 - Space Shuttle

Get full-packed with energy (and nausea as well..hehe) as you ride this primary thriller.

Twists and loops of Space Shuttle

TOP 2 - Anchor's Away

Get bewildered as the ride sways from one end to another.

A vivid example of thrilled people...(peace!)

So, if you're opt for adventure, visit and revisit EK!
To avail of EK's latest promos, please click here.

(Should I get an advertising fee for this? :P)

Before you go, be sure to bring along your lively buddies! ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Colors and Pitch Black

Striking colors. Blended with darkness.

When sunlight hits the colors of this capis glass, colorful rays are emitted throughout the room.
Intricate designs are silhouetted which proves to be pleasurable to the eye.
I gazed in wonder for a few seconds at this spectacular display, and slowly zoomed out my view.

I suddenly noticed two smaller openings underneath.
Suddenly a melancholic feeling grew into me...
I imagined two bulging eyes staring at me.
Outside, sunlight trickles all sorts of living forms, but here I am surrounded by pitch black darkness, barred by this structure.
I sprinted as fast as I could to get outside.

I realized that even when life is in darkness, there are still colorful things that may happen. We just have peek into the light from beyond and work our way out of darkness.

Wala Ka sa Lola Ko!

Recently, I met this lola in a nearby park. I was amazed by her fluency in English, but what really got me into her was her charming and animated way of telling tales about long ago, and the way she addressed me.

Cool sense of fashion - flowery prints ;)


This is the way Ilocanos call their children. I found it really sweet, but most importantly, it reminded me of my Lola Sabel.

Lola Sabel is a picture of beauty, hardwork, love and strength.

Lola Sabel in her 80s

From her narrations, she was a former yearly Reyna Elena of their barangay. Guys fought with each other just to be her partner, but in the end, her tito became her partner to pacify the guys. Although she had an arranged marriage at a young age, my grandparents had a faithful and long-lasting relationship. During the time of war, they protected their family by all means. They grew old together, until my lolo died. They bore 10 offsprings and had multiple grandchildren, who love them dearly.

Today, my Lola Sabel reached almost 85 years of her worthwhile life.

She is a loveable mentor for all.

Makulit na lola (We'll try jump shots next time :P)

We love her dearly.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Story of Mr. Dignified

This entry was based from a friend’s humorous narration this afternoon.

A very good model

He is a dignified man, with machismo all over his smug face. He responds to queries and solves problems with composure. He is respected by all. Some even hesitates to approach him because of his intimidating nature. All in all, he is the befitting figure of manliness and composure.

Then came his special day.

A lot of people gathered in the hall for a gathering. Elbowing the blabbering individuals, this dignified man made his way through the crowd and sat in front of distinguished guests while sharing his insight about certain issues.

Then the tragic event occurred.

Out of nowhere, a cockroach emerged and flew towards the ‘dignified’ man. The ‘star’ cockroach landed on Mr. Dignified’s left shoulder.

All eyes were on him, anticipating what would happen next.

Suddenly, Mr. Dignified, losing all the composure in him, jumped off his chair and shouted..

“WAHHHHH!!! IPISSS!!! !)^+@^6 !6@> ipis!!!!! TULUNGAN NyO KO!!!!!!!!

He covered his face with his hands and shivered with fear, grimaced by the cockroach.

An old lady, stood up and patted the cockroach away from his shivering body.

The rest of the story is predictable. :)

Thus, Mr. Dignified is now known as “Mr. IPIS”.

The star-of-all-occasions

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ripples of the Water

Swish swish swiiissssshhhh – goes the ripple of the water.

In layman’s term, here is a scientific rule in the relationship of water motion and sound waves:

When the water is quiet, then it’s deep.
When the water is noisy, then it’s shallow.

In the same manner, this can be applied to individuals, in general.

Do you have a noisy and blabbering mouth which goes on chattering unimportant matters? Or, are you the timid one, who speaks only when needed?
Do you ever let your tongue get out of control, like a forest fire, to the harm of others as well as yourself? Do you even use your lips to curse or speak uncomplimentarily about others? Or, do you keep quiet or leave when topics are not upbuilding?

These are simple searching questions, yet your answers may say if you’re deep or shallow. ;)

Remember, deep people are very much blessed with wisdom yet they do not waste their knowledge in blabbering, but speak only for advantageous purposes.

So, is your ripple a noisy SWISH SWISH SWIIISSSHH or a quiet one? ;)

That Green, One-Eyed Monster!

“Such a cutie! I love it!”

This was the initial statement I heard after I showed this photo to a friend.

This is actually a sweet course, sold to aficionados of Monsters, Inc.. Yeah, it is truly cute and dazzling, despite the fact that it IS a monster, cinematically speaking. ;)

Admit it. There are monsters who ruin your life, monsters that pull you down whenever they see you successful and happy, and monsters that tell devastating rumors about you behind your back. There are also monsters who envy you. Without you knowing it, they want to be happy and successful like you; thus they hate to see your triumphs and elation. These “monsters” are gobbled up by their insecurities and frustrations in life.

One thing I learned from this shot. Not all monsters are horrible and very much disgusting.

Some monsters just need to be pampered and showered with attention. Some need your appreciation, association and help. Despite the fact that they are “monsters”, they can also be your friend. Just try to see the good in them. :)

Let us all try to live by this rule.

“Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those persecuting you. Return evil for evil to no one.”

Who knows? That “monster” may learn the value of goodness and benevolence, and may change someday.

So the next time, a disgusting ‘one-eyed-green-monster’ irritates or persecutes you, smile.
Think of him/her as this cutie sweet and learn to see the positive traits in the individual.

For that “monster” may make your life sweet and satisfying after all. =)

Friday, July 03, 2009

On Fairy Tales and Marriage

“They got married and they lived happily ever after.”

This is how most fairy tales end. After surviving the trials and hindrances from witches or any other antagonists, the prince and princess find the love of their lives and become happy in each other’s arms.

This is in fairy tales.

Castle - where the union of Prince Charming and his princess happens

But in real life, it is so different.

Usually, marriage becomes the commencement of most problems, especially people who enter marriage and realize that they are not yet fully ready for the big responsibilities involved.

I remember an insight from a public talk, saying that before you get married, you should be able to work on certain areas of your personality.

We may ask ourselves. Before I get married, am I matured enough in the following aspects?
  • Physically
  • Financially
  • Emotionally
  • Socially
  • Spiritually
These are just some points to ponder on. We cannot be 100% ideal, but the way we view marriage should be a serious matter. We can do a series of self-examination to ensure that we can live up to the roles of being a good husband/wife/parent. Of course, no relationship is perfect. Problems will surely occur, yet a truly matured couple can overcome all difficulties.

Shrouded by darkness yet the light of love shines through

Another tip from the Bible:

For a marriage to thrive, God needs to be involved in the relationship. His Word says: “A threefold cord cannot quickly be torn in two.” (Eccl. 4:12) “Threefold cord” is a figurative expression. When this illustration is applied to marriage, it includes the husband and wife, the first two strands, who are intertwined with the central strand, Jehovah God. Being united with God gives a couple the spiritual strength to cope with problems, and it is the key to achieving the greatest happiness in marriage.

Therefore, at the right time, marriage will surely be a success.

A happy marriage has in it all the pleasures of friendship, all the enjoyment of ease and reason, and indeed, all the sweets of life.

May we all find our life partners, and in due time, get married and live happily ever after. ;)

Sleeping Bessy, I mean, Beauty with her Prince ;)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

UP, Katipunan, QC - A Place To Be

Spending my college years in Katipunan QC, I remembered how strict the guards of Miriam College were. Being an exclusive school for girls, they have always been so protective to the students. It is, in fact, a perk for us, since we are all safe and sound inside the campus. Protected by the sceneries and “holy” walls of the campus, we had a lot of time to meditate with nature and bond with blockmates.

However, there was a time when the innovative human minds of my blockmates started to function. We ended up having a joyride along Katipunan and landing on the greeneries of the University of the Philippines.

UP Sunken Garden

A lady chilling out while reading a book

That’s how I learned about UP and the beauty it suppresses.

UP - Bahay ng Alumni

When you go inside this building...

You will find the famous Chocolate Kiss

A romantic and cozy place to dine

One of their specialties is their iced tea.

You blend your own iced tea, mixing honey and calamansi with tea.
This idea is of Japanese origin, wherein people made tea depending on their own taste.
They add sugar gum and lemon flavor, instead.

In the long run, I learned to love the Sunken Garden, the isaw, shopping center with services that fit the budget, the booth fairs, events and theatrical plays, the stars, and the serene ambience (despite the liberated people and the rallies and frats..hehe).

Dare your stomach to eat the craved-for-isaw.

UP will always be a location close to my heart. ;)