Sunday, June 22, 2014

Abe - Where Good Friends (and Families) Dine

Lately, it seems like the area in and around ParaƱaque and Alabang has been a hotbed for lots of fresh and trendy food-related developments. But nothing beats a Filipino restaurant that serves true Pinoy food and rivals with other foreign restaurants in terms of value and quality. 

So one late night, we had our family dinner in this place 'where good friends dine' - Abe Restaurant in Alabang Town Center. As part of the LJC group of companies, Abe serves similar dishes like the ones of Cafe Adriatico, Bistro Remedios, etc.

Homey as it appeals, we all got engrossed into talking and bonding, thus I have limited time to take shots. Sharing the top three favorites from our order list.

I am not so much of a Crispy Pata lover but my foodie loved ones wanted to have it in our list.
It was actually the guys who really craved for this, assuring the ladies that it was cheat day.
And so, the Crispy Pata to die for (with double meaning haha) was served on our table.
Abe's Crispy Pata is really good, with the perfect crisp and flavor.

 Oh well, mom's favorite, the all-Filipino Kare-kare!
Abe's version is more of a creamier one and has no artificial coloring - no orange color that stains the plate.

Hubby's pick - Bicol Express.
He loves the spicy sting put into every Bicol Express meal. 
Instead of having more meat, Abe makes their Bicol Express more of a 
vegetable serving with less meat and more greens. Truly healthy!

And oh, what (or who) is Abe, by the way? Abe (ah-beh) is a noun which means either of the two:
1. Capampangan word for friend, companion, and getting together.
2. Nickname of a beloved son of Pampanga, Emilio Aguilar Cruz (1915-1991), writer, editor, painter, connoisseur, bon vivant and legendary eater outer.

We can add another meaning, though. Abe = great restaurant. :)
So, if you are looking for a place with a cozy ambiance, great quality of food, value for money and friendly service; visit:

Abe Alabang Town Center
Lifestyle Strip, Alabang Town Center, Commerce Avenue, Muntinlupa City

Phone: 623 0899 / 804 2148-49 / 917 550 6033
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday / 11 am – 11 pm
Seating capacity: 140

Also, if you have foreigner friends (or balikbayans) who are craving for Filipino food, Abe is one great option. Certainly, Abe is not just a place 'where good friends dine', but is also a setting for families to reconnect and delight in each other's company.