Friday, January 14, 2011

Care to Go to the Mall?

The mall serves as one of the most-frequented destinations of people of all ages. It is the venue where you can shop for the finest treasures; satisfy your palate given diverse choices of restaurants, hang-out with buddies, or even savor me-time moments while roaming around.

However, the mall is also the venue where awkward situations happen.

Here are some:

- Looking at the exquisite display of accessories in front of you – the accessories you’ve been dying to have; impelling you to take a look, draw closer, and closer and closer and….THUD! (good thing glass didn’t break)

- Sitting on a mall couch between a timid guy and a silent girl for a few minutes when suddenly, the girl cries and nags at the boy. After a minute, girl blurts out “Goodbye. I don’t want to see you again.” The boy replied; “OK. If that’s what you want.”

- Withdrawing money from the ATM, when you accidentally pushed the zero button too hard showing “50,000” instead of “5,000” on the screen. Someone behind you shouted “Lagpas po kayo ng daily transaction amount!” (turned out to be the bank’s security guard)

- Trying out a great dress when saleslady sees you in the fitting room. She curiously asks “Ilang buwan ka na buntis Ma’am?”

- Looking for the perfect pair of undies (bra and panty combination) when the salesperson approach you and said, “What size, maam?” Speaking to you is a 6-footer hunk with a mischievous smile on his face.

- Looking for a nice dress in a shop when the saleslady saw your picture in your company ID (which is currently hanging on your neck) then exclaimed “Ang ganda niyo dito Ma’am! Parang ang layo sa hitsura niyo ngayon! Sa bagay, meron na sa computer diba ma-eedit yung picture.”

- Witnessing a couple doing PDA (public display of affection) acts, then the girl suddenly asks the guy “How’s your wife?”

- Paying for your grocery bill at the cashier, the cashier personnel asks “May SM Advantage card po? (Loyalty card which credits points for certain transaction amount). Before you shook your head, the woman behind you said “Eto meron! Eto na i-swipe mo!”; then gives the loyalty card to the cashier.

Yes, mall experience can be thrilling or fun and awkward situations can prove to be memorable, too. I’m sure you have more situations like this. Please. Feel free to share/comment.