Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Jellicious Growth of Friendship

Defying the common Botany books that say that ‘a plant needs the right blend of sunlight, water and air in order to grow’; I now hereby declare that a plant needs jellies and water to grow.

Yes jellies.

The main necessity for a special sprout called “Magic Jelly Plant”.

When my friend left for Singapore, she gave me this token to serve as the symbol of our friendship. It’s not just a mere souvenir, but a token that requires care and attention. Like friendship that needs time and effort in order to flourish, this jelly plant needs to be taken care of in order to grow.

Magic jelly is a ‘soil and water’ substitute for indoor plants, It has a capacity to absorb water and release water. Being non toxic and translucent, it can prove to be a great home d├ęcor. It is made up of water-absorbing polymer that expands over 400% - such a great way to reduce watering and irrigation frequency for houseplants by providing a reserve supply. Caring for it requires minimal effort. You just have to wash the jellies every 3 to 4 days (ensuring plant has proper moisture) and that’s it.

Even if I won’t be able to beat Jack and his beanstalk, I’m still determined to grow my pink jelly plant and the memories attached to it.

Goodbye Friend (Last 16 Nights)

Every time the year comes to an end, people get overwhelmed with stuffs to accomplish before the 365-day-closing period. This can be translated to multiple parties here and there, shopping madness, holiday leaves, heavy traffic, reunions, and so the list goes on…

But simple as it may seem, there is one thing I never take for granted – my beloved planner.*

Ok I admit it. My happy-go-lucky friends may roll their eyes on me, but yes, I so love planners. In fact I keep various planners in a year – my favorite theocratic planner (helps me manage ministry and theocratic schedule), business planner, and a private online planner (I update from time to time to input milestones in life, which proves to be very useful every time I want to reminisce so I can just toggle on the Search button and find a memorable event in history).

Have you ever felt dramatic as the last week of December approaches, since you know that you have to replace your about-to-get-obsolete planner for the closing year? Your companion since January 1st, the steward of all your secret rendezvous, keepers of memorable notes, and the everyday confidant will now be replaced with a new friend.

If you don’t feel that way, forgive my drama.

If you do, thanks for the empathy, dear.

Anyway, it’s mid-December. Planners of all sizes and shapes are already out in the market.Go ahead, grab one and enjoy the privilege of organizing and managing topsy-turvy life.But of course, don’t be too boxed up in your schedules because you can’t plan everything. Life is full of surprising events. Enjoy the planner but be sure to make some room for the unexpected.

To my 2010 Planner: 16 nights to go.

Monday, December 06, 2010

A Raw Post

110 years of service to the nation.
But wait...
Whatever happened to QA?

Disclaimer: I will still be an avid reader of your paper. ;)