Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Normi “Heard” It

This is Normi, my 56-year old Bible student who is a true meek.

Despite her poor eyesight, she is an industrious student who prioritizes studying the Bible despite many chores. She selflessly cares for her old mother who cannot walk and she has the initiative to serve their relatives wholeheartedly. A woman with a noble heart, she always beams at me every time she learns something new; and laughs wholeheartedly whenever she forgets last week’s lesson.

But one thing makes her stand out from the rest.

She is hearing-impaired, plus, she is illiterate (is not very familiar with alphabets and numbers).
Since birth, she wasn’t able to enjoy the gift of hearing life’s melodious music. But this doesn’t prevent her from hearing the word of God. She makes every visit to her place a memorable one for she always welcomes visitors and teachers like us with her sweet smile.

Being shy is one of the major traits of a hearing-impaired individual and most deaf run away from people whenever they are given attention. But not Normi. Eagerness to learn is seen in her eyes and she bravely tries her best to mingle with others.

The process of studying with an illiterate hearing-impaired is really quite a challenge. It’s like teaching a 2-year old kid the fundamental ABCs. But the effort is all worth it; for I know that time will come when Normi will reap great fruits of her labor. Soon, she will be able to hear the music of everlasting life in God’s new world.

I look forward to Normi and her family’s blissful condition in the future.