Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun Under the Sun in Bantayan

The farther you travel, the more beautiful the destination is. Not guaranteeing that this applies to all places, but for Bantayan Island it surely does.

Cebu boasts of many shores where the land, water and sun meet; but going a bit farther from Central Cebu brings us to a hidden paradise. Situated on a tranquil island in Cebu, Bantayan never fails to fascinate its visitors. The idea of an hour-plane-flight, followed by a 3 hour road trip and a 75-minute ferry ride may be overwhelming to some; but the moment you buried your toes on the white fine sand of Bantayan Island, everything else becomes adventure. Just be sure to get your body (plus mind and heart) ready for the journey.

Here are tips for those who want to reach this hidden paradise:

  • Check out the website Wow Bantayan which is especially designed for Bantayan Island visitors.
  • Allot 5-6 hours of travel time from Manila to Sta. Fe Port (where Bantayan Island is). This time allowance helps you plan your itinerary for your stay.

 Sta Fe Port

 Ferry Boats Travelling To and From Sta. Fe

Recommended Resorts:

 - Ogtong Resort - Classy yet a bit pricey, offers free trip to Ogtong Cave

 - Budyong and Kota Beach – there 2 resorts are situated opposite to one another. With good rates and great beachfronts, these resorts are strategically located (walking distance from the market, bars and restaurants, police station, food stalls, groceries, pasalubong shops, etc.)

Welcome to Kota Beach!

 Fine white sand

Crabs mean sustenance for this kiddo

 The captivating sunrise - a time to savor
life's perfect moment

All set to sail

 Sand dunes

Dusk and dawn

In Sta. Fe, there’s a strip of bars & restaurants. It's very convenient to travel in Bantayan Island. If too tired to walk, tricycles are abundant.Try the famous lechon Cebu if your heart permits.

Local people sell pure honey for pasalubong at quite an affordable price (P125 per bottle). Definitely a good buy but also a good cause of delay during luggage check at the airport.

During island hopping, destination is the Virgin Island. There is an entrance fee of P400/head (depends on the group size) and cottage rent. The boatmen expects you to have lunch on the Island, thus they will offer to cook fresh fish/meal (P150 cooking charge).

If you plan to stay for the rest of the day in Virgin Island, be sure to bring along food and spare clothing. Virgin Island offers serenity and is truly a place for beach bummers out there.

If it’s fine, white sand, pristine beaches, perfect sunset or great adventure that you’re craving for, then it's time to  book a flight to Cebu and visit Bantayan. Truly a perfect place to marvel at God’s wonderful creation!