Sunday, February 28, 2010


There are various reasons why the sun can't shine through - a gigantic lighthouse blocking the way and tangled branches that want attention.

Yet, this is just for a specific time of the day.

We know that the hour will come when the sun will shine brightly and will be obscured no more.

Cape Patar, Bolinao

Look of Innocence

Sometimes, a look of innocence is all it takes to create an impression of peace and serenity.

Mishi (my niece) and the look of innocence


I was browsing through my stuffs, when I stumbled upon this sketch.
It was given to me by 2 thoughtful Japanese girls.
They were observing me during a gathering and decided to do a minute-made sketch of the me.

So, this is what I'll look like if I were Japanized. ;)

sketch drawn on my cup and given as a remembrance

Smoothie, Anyone?

Who can resist this smoothie in the scorching heat of summer?

Carribean smoothie - Pizza Hut Bistro

Flowery Fun

Flowers never fail to amaze us.
Flora-rama photography additional shots for my gallery.

Fresh rose in bloom

After the rain

sprout near the lake

Keep on blooming, everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pumpkin Pie

Who says vegetables are bitter and not appetizing?

Well let the pumpkin pie speak for itself!

I was able to taste this nutritious yet yummy dessert when a friend baked for us. After a serving, I asked what it is and was surprised to know that it was made of PUMPKINS!

Little did I know that pumpkin pies are traditional desserts in North America and they serve it during special times of the year. Another recipe for ladies out there. ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Bowl of Goto Made an Impact

A chilly Thursday night.

Almost dinner time.

There was a busy traffic of people hurrying to go home.

I was on my way to our Kingdom Hall (place where we hold our Christian meetings) when I saw a big-eyed kid staring at the Goto stand in the corner of the street.

For every order of goto, the child’s eyes followed the bowl given to each customer. His mouth watered as he saw customers finish their orders with great gusto. The smell of goto filled his nostrils as if inviting him to eat and pacify his grumbling stomach which hasn’t been fed the whole day.

The goto vendor saw him. Irritated by the soiled appearance of the kid, she started to shout and shooed him off as if he was a stray animal. The child moved a few steps away from the Goto stand. Fuming, the vendor walked over to the kid and spanked him with a stick shouting that he is preventing customers from buying goto because of his foul smell.

I admit, it was not a good sight. The violence and disheartening words of the vendor echoed in my ears and I wanted to walk away so as not to witness the frightening sight. Suddenly, something unlikely happened.

A customer walked over to stop the vendor from harassing the child. She ordered 2 bowls – 1 for the kid to eat and 1 for him to take home. The goto vendor, humiliated, was forced to give the kid the order. The Samaritan customer even said to the vendor, “Keep the change and next time, do not discriminate these kids. They deserve respect as humans.”

I smiled and walked away.

Convinced that there is still goodness in people’s hearts, I made a promise that I’ll always keep this lesson of benevolence.

Yes, a bowl of goto made an impact on how I see the world.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feather and Murder

After witnessing the “murder” of a poor chicken (again), I promised myself that I will never own any poultry business.

the "act"

"victim + weapon"

I really admire advocates who support ethical treatment of animals.

Thumbs up for PETA!

Time to smile,dear!