Tuesday, July 21, 2009


VIRGINITY – A long time ago, it was a badge of honor, chasteness and modesty. Nowadays, it is treated by many as a mark of immaturity, weirdness, and a malady to those who are not “in”.

Unsurprisingly, youths are giving up their virginity. At an early age of 14 (or less), some already experienced sexual relations. Brought about by curiosity, peer pressure, lack of knowledge and a liberated attitude, many approve of premarital sex.

Once you give it, there is no turning back. Like a broken glass, it cannot be used again for an honorable purpose. The bits and pieces will just be there, yet the glass is not whole anymore.

It may seem pleasurable for some, yet consider the aftereffects:
1. Sexually transmitted diseases – especially for those with a variety of partners
2. Guilt and disappointment – lack of self control and diminished self-respect topped the list
3. A feeling of vanity in pursuits and self-degradation
4. Emotional scars – Some individuals are just after the sexual relations, yet no love is present. After the act, they leave their partners behind.

So for ladies (and girls) out there, may we all consider virginity as a precious possession. Though opinions may vary, may we stick to what is honorable and reap the fruits of chastity and a building lasting intimacy with a partner, not just the present pleasures of lust and lack of self-control.

Virginity is still the best gift you can give to your marriage partner. =)
So take care of your "glass". ;)


Anonymous said...

i like this.....

...kapit din ito sa ating mga brother guys!

Anonymous said...

it's me chard pala....

bess keep it up na mag write ng makabuluhang articles, nakakapagpatibay.

may kasdabihan..."we can not please everybody, pero kapag si JEhovah ang pli-nease naten, everyone who luvs JH will follow"

have a nice day!

Bess said...

Thanks Kuya chard. oo kapit sa lahat :) Sure, Ill write more entries.
I agree with that saying..hehe

Julius Tan said...

Well said Bess. Too bad for me because I'm not... I'm not... I'm not feeling well today... my head and vision is spinning and I can't use my imagination well. Sharing! It's really fun to share.. eh? :p

The words are so sharp they sliced through the bones of those who had their "glasses broken" before their marriage, for people who just lost it because of immaturity/lack of knowledge. Maybe next time you should write an article about them, on how they could bring up themselves again, and so on...

Bess said...

@Julius - are the words I used that "sharp"? Well.. i meant no offense to those with "broken glasses". Yet I know that time will come when all wounds shall be healed. Ill try to consider your suggestion. I might write an entry on how to deal with broken glasses. :) Or perhaps, you might.. Why not?

Julius Tan said...

Okay. But you must write something about it too. You started it anyway... :p

Bess said...

Ok, if time permits. :)
I look forward to yours.

amor said...

very nice and well said bess.. im wondering if u will let me copy ur article sa blog ko? ;)

Bess said...

Thanks. Sure Ate Amor :)
Quote mo lang :)
Take care!

jeno said...

very nice article! I hope to read more of your articles!Hopefully, we can all apply this! :)