Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It’s Not Pink All the Time

She captured the hearts of a lot of individuals – from the three-month old infant wearing her baby dress, the chic teenager carrying her handbag, to the forty-year old mother buying her sweet candies.

This simple round-headed cat with a few whiskers, a spot (which serves as her nose), no mouth at all, and the signatured ribbon hanging on her head; is one of the most famous characters in the whole world.

Being a lover myself, I had a chance to visit my favorite character in her hometown, and I sort-of, had a getting-to-know date with her ;)

Let me share a few trivial facts about her:

  • Born in 1974 (She’s much older than I am, yet never looks matured! Haha She remains a kitten forever)
  • Japan is her hometown, technically speaking for she was created by a Japanese designer. Sanrio is her world.
  • However, in her own make-believe world, she lives in London, and her surname is White!
  • Full name is KITTY WHITE.
  • She is popularly called Kitty-chan, but Westerners made her famous as “Hello Kitty”.
  • The first Hello Kitty product is a vinyl coin purse.
  • She has a twin sister named Mimmy! (maybe her twin doesn’t want to be on the spotlight)
  • Hello Kitty - a cat that was kittenish – has earnings of about $1billion!

Certainly, it’s not pink all the time. Most of her products are pink stuffs, yet the real Hello Kitty wears a kimono, and sometimes a summer dress and hat!

Lesson learned: Don’t always stick to your trademark. Pink may be good, yet explore different hues and combination. As I go on with life, I learned a variety of “colors” suitable enough for me. I am not the mechanical pink-lover anymore, but have learned to adjust to the varieties of colorful hues around me. Thanks Kitty-chan for an insightful chit chat.


Julius Tan said...

puti naman talaga si helo kiti diba?

Bess said...

i didnt know that before. :P

Julius Tan said...

don't know much either... eeek! girly stuff :)) i'll leave it all to you... have fun!