Monday, August 29, 2011

Chocolate Kiss

Chocolates? Kisses? You can have the best of both worlds!
Wanting to revive the satisfying Katipunan experience, I ventured again to meet one of my favorite restaurants - Chocolate Kiss!

This restaurant (especially the branch they have in Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman), has played a big role in the lives and memories of many regular diners.

Personal Favorites:
  • Hickory Baked Spareribs (only P195 with rice)
  • Chicken Kiev - love the cream cheese inside each slice of chicken (P205 with rice and veggies)
  • Bottomless House tea (only P70) click here to see their delightful mix-your-own-tea
  • Devil's Food Cake (P70/slice)
I think they're a bit underestimated when they claimed (as slogan) that they are "serving the good stuff", because they are serving the best stuff in the area. Chocolate Kiss, you wouldn't reach 13 years of service if you do not serve the "best". Looking forward to more of your sprouting branches in the metro! ;)

For the complete info, you may want to check out their website.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Man's Best Friend

WELL, many call me that. I’m sure my family agrees. I was given to a girl when I was a puppy only a few weeks old. That happened around 2006. And now after 5 years, by their own admission, they would be at a loss to know what to do without me—a sentiment I heartily agree with.

And why not? We dogs are loyal to our adopted family to the end. Man cannot say that. We never come home drunk, never get mad, never hold a grudge, and even though you may beat us (which you should never do), a pat on the head will cause our tail to wag and let you know that all is well between us.

We are usually the first to greet you when you come home. I love doing this to Bess every time she returns home. I wag my tail and enjoy it every time she tickles my tummy. As for my bro named Jen, I can pick out the sound of his car from all the others passing by. My family cannot understand how I do this, but it’s easy for me. Neither can they comprehend my ability to pick out their scent from all other people who may have walked by and follow it. For instance, I know if my “Mommy” will go to the market, to the mall, or to ministry. I can tell from her scent and clothes, and she can never lie to me. Another thing, although sometimes I feel a little jealous with the 2-year old baby Mishi, I still love playing with her, kissing her on her chubby cheeks, and enjoy hearing her say “Hello Sharrr-kull!”

I can say I am a pampered dog. I get the best dog food in town (which never ran out – Thanks to my sponsor). My Mommy spoon feeds me most of the time, without missing a dose of vitamins, vaccinations and yummy chews. I’ve got a dog house very much bigger for a small dog like me, showing how my family wanted me to enjoy space and comfort, yet I was in the house most of the time. I was well-groomed with the best fur – thanks to my family’s care. Yes, I am a star in the family.

However, my life is not all roses. One thing that confuses me is when I’m punished. If, for example, the door of the house is accidentally left open and I run out, I’m angrily called back. Then when I come back I’m punished! Why was I punished for coming back? Once I jumped on the table and ate an entire package of delicious meal. To put it mildly, my family was upset with me. “No Charcoal!” they scolded. No, I didn’t, but I do now. I understand now that the table is out of bounds for me.

In my house I make no distinction in age. My devotion and loyalty are extended to all family members, young or old, strong or not. Sometimes I am pressured because they want be to bark if a stranger tries to get close to our house, but I cant help it. I am a toy dog and I am friendly. I just wag my tail and smile. Yes, I am willing to provide love and companionship, give purpose and meaning at a time when people are lonely. I want to leave a mark in our home. I always tell Mommy, “If you are a bit depressed and need cheering up, I can be the shot in the arm that will bring you out of your loneliness.”

Lastly, since I am barking about our virtues, I must remind you that I am not forever. They say 1 year in a man’s life is worth 7 years of a dog’s. Hmmm.. that makes me thirty-ish! At least I already have legacies (thanks to the beautiful pet of Mommy’s friend, I was able to bring kids into the world). Of course, I may lose my life loving my family and others. But we dogs are like that.

With lots of love,

P.S. Charcoal died today at around 6:45 AM. He was accidentally hit by a car when he ran out rapidly.I had a difficulty finishing this entry since tears blocked my vision.Charcoal, thanks for almost 5 years of making our home wonderful. You will always be the best pet dog for me.