Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perfect Moment

It is a night different from all the rest. It is the greatest night of my life. The green trees sway as if they enjoy the bliss of the moment. The wind blows my hair tranquilly and I can feel the placid smell of the night. The moon shines dazzlingly as if to enchant my eyes. I can hear the chirping of the birds from a distance. I gaze upward and saw the stars. A multitude of stars sparkles above me and as I stared at one twinkling star, I feel a breathtaking occurrence. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

I have waited for a long time. Like the water gushing out from a river, uncontrollable and expeditious, my feelings cannot be concealed anymore. Camouflaging is not my skill. I’ve had a hard time being a cryptic, mystifying others with my innermost sentiments. I am going to release the stabbing dagger within me. Yes, tonight is the night. The moment is perfect.

I pull out my gaze from the stars and slowly glimpse at you. You are looking at the stars. It seems that the stars also conjure you up. You are next to me, and I can’t believe how close I am to you. Your eyes glint with a look of contentment and enthusiasm. I stare at you and see the ideal individual that I’ve been waiting for. You are the epitome of affection, friendship and love. Every time I look at you, I can perceive the innermost thing about you. That’s how unperturbed I am whenever you’re there. You are the only one that makes me feel this way. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

The wind blows and you suddenly separate your gaze from the stars. You start to fix your eyes on me. I look at you with a thumping heart, and for once, the world stops. The moonlight beams at us as if we are at the center of a theater stage. Your eyes are gentle as you slowly infiltrates my being. With just one look, the transparency of my eyes sinks into your gaze, and you understand everything. I can’t take my eyes away and so do you. The intertwining of our consciousness happens tonight. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

As if in a trance, the silence continues as we look into each other’s eyes. Then, suddenly you speak. The world begins to exist again. I can see the green trees sway, the wind blows, and the moon and stars glow above. You ask it. The words I so long to hear. Now, it’s my turn. Without doubt, I slowly open my lips to speak. I want to release the gushing stream within me. I close my eyes to gather the strength to voice out the exact words. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

I gradually open my eyes. I can see the brilliance of the light. I can feel the wind. However, I don’t see the trees, the moon and the stars. I look beside me. No one. You are not in the same spot where you are. All I can see is my bed, my pillows, and myself. Too bad I wasn’t able to say the words. Too bad I can’t remember your face. Too bad I can’t see you again. Too bad… it is all a dream.

The night is over.
The perfect moment is over.

Monday, October 23, 2006

"The Heart"

It seems like an eternity that “the heart” has been locked…

Locked by a compelling chain. Chains as cold as ice, as strong as coils of wire used to lash the physically powerful materials on hold. “The heart” beats with an unfaltering resistance, eager to resist the tension of the cold and the powerful grip of the coils that embodied it. Every second, every moment and every memory fills “the heart” with an empowering psyche that seems to ripen its course.

But no matter how ripened “the heart” is, it cannot flourish. It cannot evolve into a more surpassing season. It cannot share its consciousness with another heart. It doesn’t have the strength necessary to commence the action. “The heart” is lethargic. It appears to be ripened, developed by the milieu it has been a part of, but in fact it is not fully ripened. There are still facets of the heart which needs to be recuperated, in order for it to progress.

The chains serve this purpose. Cold and strapping the chains are, they are the sentinels of “the heart”. They make the heart see the authenticity of the world before “the heart”. Each chain grips “the heart” for it to realize the rationale behind control and power. There is the chain of awareness, a perception of how “other hearts” can lure and disintegrate “the heart”. There are also chains of fear, an apprehension of the world that lies beneath the heart, and an anxiety of not being competent enough to share its consciousness with another heart. Yes, a multitude of chains still take hold of the heart.

These chains make “the heart” understand that the ripening season is indeed a crucial phase. Too crucial for “the heart” to be released instantaneously. For the time being, these chains will conceal “the heart” in its cold grip until the ripening season arrives.

Yes, the heart has been locked. But not for eternity… The removal of the chains will, and should, come to an end…

Haiku Mode

Deafening silence

Green leaves fell

Memories lost

Murmur of voices

A gun fired

Shattered dreams

Fire spreads fast.

Burnt emotions.

Ashes are left.

A broken glass.

Scattered splinters

A Bleeding heart

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


She lives to love.
He lives to love her.
He also lives to love her.

The battle will start soon.
Or has it started?
Chaos. Confusion. Uncertainty.

Battle gears worn.
Adversaries ready to clash.
Slyness is an asset.

Ambiguity is prevalent.
Doubt rings in her mind.
Chaos. Confusion. Uncertainty.

Monday, October 09, 2006

An Unwanted Stone

An unwanted stone is lying on the street. It is choked with dust, unable to withstand the traffic of people passing by. It is kicked by a sturdy foot. It lands on the other side of the street, and rolls all the way to the corner. It stays there for sometime, only to be kicked again by another sturdy foot. The stone is soiled and no one would dare to notice it.

The stone is hard.


Stiff and unbreakable.

But only from a distance…

If you would pick it up, you will notice the abrasions of the surface. You would notice a fissure or two. But who would dare pick it up and scrutinize it?

No one would.

With a multitude of passers-by, a rushing crowd, honking of cars and stirring people; the stone wouldn’t even attract the attention of a single individual.

How demoralizing for the stone.

All hope seems to be lost.

It just lays there.




The stone is not just an ordinary stone or pebble.

It is a gem. It used to be one.

But life’s cruelties make it become an ordinary one.

Yes, even a gem that is so beautiful, attractive, pleasing to the eyes, and longed for by many; can become an unnoticed stone on the street.

Treasure your life. You may be young, dynamic and powerful today. You may have everything you want. But tomorrow, who knows? You may be like a gem now, but tomorrow, you may be an ordinary stone lying desperately on the street.

So live in a way that shows gratefulness for what you are now.

Don’t wish to be the biggest gem or the most sparkling treasure.

Just be thankful you’re a gem.

Or else you want to be a stone lying on the street.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lessons From Milenyo

Last week, Milenyo struck NCR, it taught me several things about life. Now I already knew…
…that counting falling trees is not at all relaxing like counting sheep…
…that watching flying roofs is not as exhilarating as watching planes take off…
…that lighting one candle in the dark helps a lot to get through the day…
…that fashion doesn’t mean a thing when there’s puddle wherever you go…
..that electricity is a very significant part of life and a lot of functions won’t occur without it
…that unlimited call and text is useless without charged batteries.
…that darkness is mind-numbing and tiresome…
…that billboards are not just good-looking images, they could execute and destroy.
…that chanting “Rain, Rain..go away…” seems to only make for more torrent.
…that a phone call from a friend is a strengthening experience.
…that not all streets are created equal. Some are serviced by Meralco far faster than others.
…that I am grateful enough to survive and am back to my usual routines…

Privacy and Respect

Everyday, we mingle with all sorts of people – from the little tykes in the streets to the well-experienced and ripened individuals….. from the underprivileged people to the affluent … from the social ones to the loners… Such are the people who become part of our everyday lives.

However, there is a time when we really need to be alone – time for seclusion from the noisy world, a time to ponder upon our experiences, and a time to be with our own self.


Why is it that some people don’t know how to respect one’s PRIVACY?

Why is it that they still want to intrude on your personal affairs?

Respect for others has been taught even in our pre-school days, however, other people still find it hard to give due respect for others. In a very offensive way, they tear the walls of privacy and slash hard until they could see a rupture on the other person. That rupture suddenly burst and that would be the time for a surge of emotions, a clash on the relationship and a moment of emotional breakdown.


What a devastating scenario.

Thus, we need to avoid such a thing to happen.

Let us continually respect others.

Let us avoid tearing down the walls of privacy.

Remember that the foundation of friendship is at stake.

Today, I have experienced how others intrude into my own space, and I now I know how it feels. But then, I didn’t let it get into my nerves. Thus, the day went on smoothly and peacefully.

Tomorrow, I will mingle with people again.

And again, they will become a part of my life.

About Me

I am unique. I have always been and will always be.

I have simple joys. I laugh easily and have minimal expectations.

I am very transparent. You can easily see how I feel.

Being goal-oriented is one of my dominant traits. I set an aspiration and strive to attain it.

I am a planner. I want everything in order.

I love my family. I wouldn’t be the person that I am now if not for them.

I am patient. I can stay cool, calm and collected even when others are freaking out.

I cry easily.

I blush easily.

I love sleeping. Regularly, I sleep at least 8 hours a day. I don’t feel well if I stayed up late :p

I have an affinity for books, dogs, food (pasta, veggies, cheese, sinigang), technology and internet. Not necessarily in order.

Dislikes: Being taken for granted, Treachery and pretense, “Airheads “