Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kid Logic

When I was a kid, I have reasoning which my parents find it hard to argue with. They just laugh at me as if I was a clown; while in my young mind I declared such statements with all sobriety.

Here goes my kid logic.

1. My mom was in a rush moving heavy things and I was blocking the way.
Mom: Bess, Tabi ka, Huwag ka humarang sa daanan ko.
Bess (with all due respect): Bakit po? Daanan ko din naman ito ah.

2. I broke one of our fragile displays in the living room. It was a glass figurine of a girl holding a bouquet of flowers.
Dad: (jokingly): Hindi ka kasi nag-iingat. From now on, ikaw na ang iddisplay namin sa display rack kapalit ng nabasag na girl figurine.
Bess (bursting into tears): Sorry na po. Hindi ko po sinasadya. Please, huwag nyo ko idisplay baka mangawit ako. Tsaka, paano po pag nagutom ako? Sorry na..Huhuhu

3. My mom showed me a sparkling 25 centavo coin.
Mom: Ito ay ‘bente singko’
Bess: ‘Bentsing-MO’ yan mommy? Bakit ikaw lang ang may bentsing? Gusto ko din ng ‘bentsing-KO’.

There goes some of my kid logic. I know you've got more. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Travel is a Struggle No More

Everyday is a struggle.

Do you know the feeling when you have to endure the long queue of people waiting for the shuttle/FX to come by and load multiple rushing passengers? Have you experienced being squeezed by unnerving people inside a vehicle? Add to that the heavy traffic along EDSA and the long duration of travel time.

If you haven’t experienced these, good for you.

However, almost 90% of those who go to work everyday experience these struggles.

Sad to say, this is unavoidable. So, instead of ruining your mornings and entering the office with that distorted look on your face because of these, take time to accomplish things during the morning rush.

Here are some tips:

1. Bring out the bookworm in you.

Read a good book or listen to audio books. Little would you notice that you have already finished reading a great book. Audio books are great for you can rest your eyes while getting the feel of a dramatic read.

2. Groove to the music.

Turn on those IPods or MP4 players and groove to the music. Or you could choose to be sentimental and listen to heartwarming music.

3. Longing for conversation?

Tune in to RX 93.1- Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush or Magic 89.9’s Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee.

4. Sleep – Just make sure you wake up on time.

Recommended site - Click here for downloads.

I get to download new articles of magazines, books or even listen to audio recordings of the books of the Bible. Plus the Kingdom Melodies (MP3 format) enlightens the spirit and seems to purify my mind. Please feel free to visit it.

So, the next time you travel to work, you’ll barely notice the struggle anymore. You’ll just realize you’re already in your destination.

Happy trip everyday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

…Or Else I Will Unfriend you

Funny how Mr. Webster becomes left behind by the techy-savvy individuals who come up with new vocabularies (and new culture) in the fast-paced cyberspace everyday.

So as not to be innocent in the jargons of social networking sites, we need to update ourselves with new cyber knowledge a little everyday.

Take for instance New Oxford American word of the year.

This means deleting someone as a friend on a social network such as Facebook.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is declared New Oxford American word of the year.

P.S. Thanks for reading this blog entry. I assure you I won’t “unfriend” you. ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Manny Pacquiao

Whenever it is his game, the world seems to stop.

It is not the World Olympics but reaches CNN.
He is not from Hollywood, but is well-renowned throughout the globe.

No matter how busy people are, they stop to witness his flight and share his passion.

Top politicians would spend a fortune to be with him in his battle.
Others make it a social gathering, even renting out high-end places to be united in cheering out for him.
The crime rate falls down to a big percentage. (great!)
Businesses freeze for a moment.
Heavy traffic is never a problem on his scheduled game. (almost no traffic at all)

Weird as it may sound, but Manny Paquiao, branded as the Philippines’ Pambansang Kamao, seems to invade a wide expanse of admirers.

In his recent fight with Cotto, even the waiters serving us in a restaurant requested us to allow them to watch the fight first. It would be futile if we ordered beforehand, for no one would cook the food. Cooks were engrossed in front of the TV sets. We ended up eating lunch at 2:00PM. Great.

Thus for the first time, in my entire life, I was able to watch a boxing game in full.
But what thrilled me most was the energy of the viewers.

Fathers forgot that they were carrying their children as they shouted and punched the air with their fists.

Women shrieked and jumped off their chairs admiring his every move.

Foreigners forgot all about racial differences and cheered with Filipinos shouting “Me-nee! Me-nee! I love Pekyew!”.

Sales and services stopped for 36 minutes (12 rounds).

Whatever it is that “PACMAN” has, he has the ability to make the world focus their eyes on him for a period of time.

And that is, unbelievably, exceptional.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Picture of Warmth and Hope

Sunrise and Baby

This shot was taken one early morning before I go to work.
Mishi (my 4-month-old niece) was waiting for my mom to walk her around in her stroller.
The captivating warm ray of sunrise was enough to capture a scenery of warmth, a new generation and a new hope.

Monday, November 09, 2009

The Best Beauty Secret

Have you ever wondered why some people are always blooming and always have that radiant glow on their faces? Have you wondered why after association with some people, you feel refreshed, pampered and beautified? Why is it that some have beauty that is timeless?

I’m not here to endorse a specific beauty product.

I am here to share the bess, I mean, best beauty secret. :P
This has been tested and proven by a lot of individuals and multiple testimonies were already released.

A beauty secret which everyone should know is being happy.
What you are is a reflection of what you feel beyond the emotional and physical care.

Nurturing the mind is equally as important.
If you want to look ageless, you should love to constantly learn.
When you learn, you become confident with wisdom.
Beauty needs confidence.

But most of all, remember that ‘charm may be false, and prettiness may be vain”, but the spiritual aspect of an individual should be nurtured. When we love God, everything follows, we love our neighbor, we have peace of mind, and life is full of love and beauty.

Beauty comes from within and is reflected on the outside.

That is, undeniably, the BEST beauty secret!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

GOODy Today

1. Offered an old woman my seat while riding the MRT
2. Brought home “pasalubong” for my mom as a symbol of gratitude for her selfless management of our household and for taking care of us
3. Refrained from snapping back at an irritated lady waiting for the queue of cab passengers
4. Visited a troubled Bible student and listened to her concerns for a long time
5. Assisted a 10-year old neighbor in doing her Math homework

Every night before I hit the sack, I say a prayer and think of all the good things I have done for the day. I reflect on the day’s activities and try to see if I had been good even for a single moment.

Childish and traditional as it may seem,but these simple thoughts may give inner peace and happiness.

So,try it. Purify your mind by being a GOODY today.=)

The Ultimate Eastwood Experience

For those who want to have the ultimate chill-out experience, go to Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City. Without the hassle of heavy traffic along EDSA and so many people in the business districts, Eastwood City provides its visitors various relaxing activities to choose from.

Moonlight on Eastwood


Feast on various restaurants and bistros.

Stroll around parks and malls. Or even bring your pets for a walk.

Try the Eastwood Cinema Ultra 7 - the only one with complimentary drinks and a large bucket of popcorn.

Enjoy regular events – car shows, etc.

Never leave Eastwood without catching a sight of the real-man-statue that moves when you drop money.

So the next time you long for a bonding get-together with friends and families, try out Eastwood City.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Few Days with Toni

I finally met her in person.

The voice I regularly hear over the telecon is now a reality.
Fresh from Malaysia, Toni Lee is s picture of regional authority, corporate experience and innovation.
She has that drive and passion for work which influences everyone to get off to their feet, roll up their sleeves, and have another roll of scrutinizing on their tasks.
Intimidating and stern as she may seem, Toni showed us a different side of her and inculcated in our team lessons of importance.

Let me share some general tips which you may find interesting.

1. You cannot go for a thousand-mile-leap immediately, go for baby steps first.
2. In the football field, don’t keep the ball dribbling on your feet, kick it out.
3. Due diligence!
4. Do not leave any stone unturned.
5. Avoid casting stones, take responsibility of your accounts.
6. No matter how extremely busy and highly important an individual is, she has the chance to have a fetish for colored gel pens or a craving for cheese-flavored biscuits. Even these simple things can motivate an executive to word hard. ;)

Toni poses for a shot. Cool! ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ironies of Love

Admit it. Romantic love can be the all-encompassing source of peace, contentment and euphoria.

However, it can be the most painfully-slashing sword, the most crippling accident, or the most agonizing disaster in life. No matter how hard we try to close our eyes, we will still see and feel the ironies of love.

1. You love a person with all your heart, but that person doesn’t seem to notice you and (with all rights) cannot (and will not) love you back.
2. There are people who love you so much and are willing to give everything they have for you, yet you tend to go for the one who gives you complications in life.
3. He/she loves you. You love him/her. It all seems perfect between the two of you, but a superior factor contradicts – family, culture, religion, society, etc.
4. Distance separates two binding hearts. For a lot of reasons, you and your partner have to be separated by oceans and time zones.
5. You finally find the perfect life partner, but life takes a different course. The love of your life acquires health problems and death takes it toil.
6. You give everything for the one you love, become the most caring and sweetest partner, and become the almost-perfect-lover for him/her; yet your partner suddenly wants to wrapped in the somebody else’s arms.

Ironic, isn’t it?

But no matter how ironic love is, we still take chances and risks.

We love, unselfishly and all-out.

Eventually, we find out that the ironies of love can all be ironed out…

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perks of Being a Bum

1. Sleep without limits – Wake up without the sound of an irritating alarm clock demanding you to wake up so as not to be late. Have the luxury of eating breakfast leisurely.
2. “Holidays & weekends, what are they?” – You don’t have to keep track of non-working days that much because you have a ‘flexible’ schedule. Weekdays and weekends seem to be very much the same.
3. Worry-free – Life is simply happy and carefree. No need to worry about complex projects, boring meetings, eye-straining reports, confusing databases and interaction with irate businesspeople.
4. Heavy traffic during rush hour is never a problem! You don’t have to battle with rushing passengers during 7AM and 6PM; and be stressed out in the long queue of passengers.
5. The word “domesticated” now applies to you. You learn to love HOME and spend quality time with family. For those who are helpful, household-chore-skills are thoroughly enhanced – doing the laundry, cooking, taking care of kids, etc.
6. Blissfully active social life. Great!
7. Knowledge Enhancement – A lot of time to read, practice your passion (like music, photography, etc.), and engage in sports.
8. Trips and Travels – Instead of being secluded in the four walls of the office, you can go for LONG getaways! Go to Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, or even out of the country without hassle!
9. Bountiful time for spiritual things – more time for personal research and bible studies, return visits and support to other publishers. No limits to the voluntary work!
10. More time to make blog entries like this. (haha)

Now, who says that bum life is boring? :D

P.S. When will I experience all these things again? Whew..

So to the bums out there, enjoy this period! ;)
To the working peeps, cheer up! Work has perks, too. (LOL)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Along the Streets of Ayala

Heavy traffic is a normal happening and it is one of the busiest thoroughfares in Metro Manila.
The atmosphere is always rushing and busy with a a smell of smoke butts from sophisticated smokers on the building doors. Yes, imagine a corporate life of frequent rush hour.

This is the life in Ayala.

Ayala Avenue runs through the heart of Makati's central business district. No wonder it has that kind of atmosphere. But the good thing is, it has an ambience of career growth, professionalism and a dynamic nature. You just have to get used to that kind of lifestyle. You have to cope with all these things without losing your passion and priorities in life.

Here are some cityscapes taken during a night photowalk :)

PBCOM Tower, the tallest building in the Philippines. It serves as the headquarters of two Philippine banks, the Philippine Bank of Communications, of which the building's name owes it to, and East West Bank.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nights in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is a busy and bustling city all throughout the day. But the amazing highlights in Tokyo are the buildings and lights ;) Truly a good setting for the Tokyo drift.

I was too busy admiring the views, checking out the shops, and listening to my tour guide Dad; thus I was able to click only a few shots.

Here are some shots taken during my nights in Tokyo ;)

Colorful Lanterns along Kawasaki shopping malls

La Cita Della Fountain and Mall

Nikko Hotel

Tokyo Drift

A Filipino Restaurant - Manila

Parking lot and multiple skyways

Free band shows on the streets ;)

There's a lot more to explore in Tokyo, and I hope to experience more of it next time. ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bus Moves

I ride the bus on an occasional basis, yet one of these rides proved to be an extraordinary experience. I sat behind the driver – one of the safest places in a vehicle. My place was near the window for I don’t want to be bothered by passing passengers who accidentally bump those sitting at the aisle.

A respectable-looking guy sat next to me. He had this ‘corporate’ look and he looked presentable enough. I was occupied with the crossroads outside for I don’t want to miss my destination, when suddenly this guy looked at me and smiled.

He said, “Hi miss. Excuse me. May I ask you a favor? Please read this message for me.”

He extended his hand and showed me a text message on his mobile phone.

I was alarmed for he might be one of those “dugu-dugu gang” (whatever they are called) who deceive people in order to rob them. I ignored him ad pretended not to hear him.

Again, he said “I need your help. Pls. read this message for me.”

Out of curiosity and somewhat willing to help (for he might be having an eye defect), I glanced a bit at his mobile phone.

The message says,

“Hi Miss. May I know your name? BTW, I’m Ivan.”

From that day on, I learned to love the MRT. hehe

Road Watch

Last Sunday, 4th of October, we were able to witness a vehicular accident along Katipunan, QC.
Going home from our Circuit Assembly, we passed along this scenario. Not prepared for this scene, I wasn't able to adjust the settings and just took this shot.

The woman was wounded for she was wearing no helmet at all. Tsk Tsk.

So for motorists out there, please add extra care while driving, especially if you value your passengers and your life. Riding a motorcycle is double the danger than riding a car. Wearing a helmet is very much necessary.

May we all be careful. Life is so precious to just go into waste.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Encounter with Ondoy

Last Saturday, our hometown Marikina served as the bull’s eye for Ondoy’s wrath. In just a few hours, our place (Tanong, Marikina City - which is just infront of the gravely damaged Provident Village) turned into a gushing mud-filled river with extremely fast torrent that carries trucks, carabaos, and even frantic people into destruction.

I am so thankful that I am still here with fingers rattling on the keyboard, alive except for bruises and wounds on my hands and feet. Let me relay my encounter with Ondoy.

September 26, 2009
1:30PM – I was upstairs gazing out of the window when I saw the floodwater flowing on the streets. I heard my mom shouting in panic that floodwater is rapidly moving towards us, so I went down and helped moving things. I just grabbed the AVR and wires of the PC when I saw water rushing inside the house! That’s how fast the water came in!

inside our gate

2:30 PM – We managed to save some significant things – TV sets, PC, laptop, important documents, etc. But the ref, gas range, and other equipment were left floating in floodwater. =( Ondoy’s wrath harshly poured non-stop and our ground floor was submerged in floodwater.

4:30 PM– Our whole family was at the 2nd floor hoping and praying that the rain will stop. Panic struck me when I heard that no rescue teams were present during that time for they cannot cross the strong current. I prayed fervently that our lives be saved, especially my 4-month-old niece, Mishi.

No more gate and car =(
3 nearby dams were opened resulting in heavy flow of flashflood in Marikina.

5:30 PM – We lost hope that the rain would subside, thus we decided to evacuate to a higher place – our neighbor’s 2nd floor for it has a way to a 4-storey house. It was almost getting dark, so we decided to go. With the help of kind-hearted individuals, we crossed the slippery roof leading to the way of safety. (I hope.) I told myself ‘Don’t ever look down, if you don’t want to see the gushing mud water and fall off the roof.’ With all the strength and courage, I didn’t mind the heavy rains pouring all over my body and crossed the roof. I waited and pulled my mom up, too.

10:00 PM – Ondoy continued to furiously sweep Marikina. There were 2 babies inside the room where we evacuated (Mishi and our neighbor’s 2-month old son). Neglecting the thirst and grumbling stomach, we waited in vain for the rain to stop. All phone lines were out so we lost communication with the outside world.

September 27
1:00 AM – I wasn’t able to sleep a wink. All the while we were inside the room; I kept listening to the sounds outside. Some of our neighbors made fun of the situation. When a carabao was carried by floodwater, they shouted “ULAM!”. When toppled vehicles came passing by, they shouted “KALAKAL!” I also saw some guys drinking beer on the roof or even shouting “Tarzaaaaan!” and tried crossing lines to go from one roof to another. Such a remarkable quality of Pinoys – to remain joyful despite calamities.

2:30 AM – The rain subsided. We waited for the water to reach knee-deep level before we go back to our homes. I chose to cross the roof again, instead of crossing knee-deep mud water (which my mom preferred). No electricity, no food, loss of belongings, but we were all thankful we survived.

Ondoy continued to pour, but without the former wrath it had a few hours ago.

I can’t remember if I slept, but the moment I opened my eyes, sunshine was creeping through the windows. Thank you...

After Ondoy's Wrath

Lessons From Ondoy:
1. Adrenalin rush can be thrilling in times like this – Our neighbor housewife managed to carry their refrigerator to the 2nd floor. LOL
2. Smart is the most reliable telecom when calamity strikes. Sun and Globe (the ones I’m using) both lost connections early. Tsk tsk
3. Properties are useless. It is our lives which are important. So, never ever be materialistic.
4. Frogs, cockroaches, snakes and floating poop can be your acquaintances during flashfloods.
5. During power shortage, the best gadgets you can have are candles and matchsticks, not IPOD, PSP or notebooks.
6. Filipinos are really entrepreneurs – Scavenger boys earned a lot from the remains of the flood and the junk shop got a lot of resources for their business. Half a kilo of pork can be inflated to P150! Imagine people fighting for the sake of a Wilkins bottle and pandesal!
7. Equality is seen everywhere – The rich and poor are walking on the streets, all soaked in mud, and holding hands with each other to cross the current. Elites, foreigners, car owners, construction workers, businessmen and the mediocre – all are equal.
8. Priorities can be redefined in calamities like this.
• There was a wake in our street for a man who died a few days before Ondoy’s wrath. When people saw flashflood gushing in, they carried the coffin to a higher level for they did not want the body to be “double-dead” in the flood.
• There is an elderly couple who lives near us. The lola evacuated early, leaving her husband in the house. The lolo didn’t have enough time to move out, so he was left in the 2nd floor. Good thing the flood didn’t carry him away. Their vow: In sickness and in health, til ONDOY FLOOD do us part. LOL

Thank you to Jehovah God for the protection during these calamitous times, and for the strength and ‘power beyond normal’ we had.
To the kindhearted individuals who expressed their concerns and updates thru all forms of communication…
To the numerous friends and relatives who visited us and helped…
To the worldwide organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Relief Operations, especially to other congregations (The help and concern is really nationwide and even international, really grateful)
And to those who went to our house and personally helped in getting our house fixed after the flood, to those who brought bountiful food, thank you so much.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Over a Cup of Coffee

I wasn’t a coffee lover, actually.

Given an option of drinks to choose from, I would prefer fruit shakes or juice over a cup of coffee.
I have always thought of coffee as unhealthy (yeah way too traditional), something which causes nervous breakdown, insomnia, and other ailments.

But with the advent of caffeine innovation and the spread of cafes around, this tingling aroma of coffee seems to attract me.

However, it is not the coffee itself which I’m interested in.

It is the people whom I drink coffee with, or the moment when I drink this relaxing liquid.

Be it the most expensive frap from Starbucks or the homemade Nescafe coffee, I would surely enjoy the talks over a cup of coffee, the laughter that reverberates in the room or the well-kept secrets revealed between trustworthy hearts. Even a slow sip of warm homemade coffee while reading a great book and the letting the rain pour outside is one of life’s great moments.

Yes, talks over a cup of coffee can bind hearts, accomplish goals, finish projects, solve problems and relax a weary mind.

So the next time someone says “Let’s have a talk over a cup of coffee”, get yourself ready for a great moment. :)

Talks over a cup of coffee in the car

Friday, September 18, 2009

Missionary Encounter

I just want to document a very unforgettable encounter I had. In a meeting invitation for this year’s Gilead School, I was able to join a team of selfless advocates. But the highlight of the experience was that I met 2 missionaries from Papua New Guinea. They are a couple who already served in various lands, and guess what, the husband is a Filipino from Pangasinan (who has been in Papua New Guinea for 10 yrs!) and the wife is a Japanese.
I learned a lot of things from our encounter. In order to be a missionary (serving in foreign places where there is a great need for preaching the word of God), one thing you need to have is ENDURANCE.

ENDURANCE: Two words can be retrieved from it – END and RUN; which means running until the end.

I was very much strengthened from the experiences and trials they encountered, and I want to share it with you.

1. Being a missionary based in Taiwan, the husband became a victim of a car accident. Reckless drivers in Taiwan, make sure that their victims are already killed (they go back, run over the victim, and run away). When a car hit him, the missionary husband, pleaded for help. The driver pitied him and brought him to the hospital. The missionary even preached to the driver while in pain. As a result, his life was saved and the reckless driver became a Bible study eventually.

2. In some remote areas, CANNIBALS do exist. The missionaries constantly flee for their lives, so that they will not end up being served on a platter for the tribes.

3. Nomadic as it may sound, but they sometimes ended up living in a bush or under trees. The wife’s most difficult scenario was having to endure insect bites for they slept without the comfort of four-walled houses.

4. Communication barrier is a major problem, and it requires a long time to learn the language of the place. Cultural difference is also a problem, and so is food. “Nothing beats the Philippine food sinigang and adobo!” exclaimed the Filipino missionary.

5. No cellphones, laptops or any high-tech devices was available in some areas. No emails, Facebook, or Blogger, for that matter :P

These are just some issues, but absolutely there are more. Being a missionary may prove to be difficult and challenging, yet these missionaries have a blissful glow in their eyes and a fulfilled voice coming from their hearts. Why? Because they adjust their lives in order to serve a worthwhile purpose, the greatest career of all time – being of service to kind-hearted individuals thirsty for the truth and being of service to God. What more could they ask for?

The selfless missionary couple who sacrificed for the love of God and neighbor.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fuji San (The Prominent Mount Fuji in Japan)

A Japan trip is never complete without seeing the famous Mount Fuji, visiting the lakes around it (such as Yamanaka and Sai), eating soba in the famous restaurants, and venturing into captivating sights of flowers, animals, and placid waters.

Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain, can make lifelong memories. It is a well-known symbol for the country and is frequently associated with Japanese art and photography.

The classical cone-shaped mountain, with its ice-capped peak

A little trivial fact:

I asked Japanese friends why they call Mount Fuji as Fuji san, instead of Fuji Yama (yama for mountain). This ‘san’ may sound like the honorific after someone’s name (sometimes translated Mister or Miss), but it is actually an alternative reading of the character for mountain, usually pronounced ‘yama’.

Some mountains are called yama. It can be called Fuji Yama. I learned that the ‘san’ is an indication of deep respect. Some locals treat the mountain as sacred, even as a god, that’s why they use ‘san’.

Here are pictures of Fuji san, the historic mountain in Yamanashi, which the Japanese people take pride of.

Enjoy ;)

Fuji Hakone Izu-National Park

View from Lake Yamanaka (Yamanaka-ko)

Lake Sai (Sai-ko) overlooking Fuji San

Sai-ko Garden

The famous Fujiyama Coaster at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park.

Never visit Fuji without trying the yummy Yakisoba,
which comes in big servings and various flavors!

For more pictures, please click here and let me tour you in the marvelous world of Fuji san. ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


“I am afraid of small rooms and narrow places. I find it difficult to breathe. I feel the walls and ceilings slowly closing in on me, forcing me to be pressured. I feel suffocated and lost control. Panic-stricken, I look for an escape but found none. Slowly, I lose all my senses.”

This is what a claustrophobic feels.

I remembered an instance when I was riding an elevator and people started flooding in. A girl shouted and made her way out. She cannot stand the limited space inside a closed elevator, for she might faint. She’s claustrophobic, That’s why.

This shot reminds me of Robert Langdon, the protagonist in the work of Dan Brown.

Having claustrophobia (from the Latin word claustrum “a shut in place”), an individual, like the fictitious Robert Langdon, feels an anxiety disorder, fears of having no escape, and being closed in. As I was walking in this corridor, no voices, no noise and no one nearby, I remembered the claustrophobic girl and the account of Robert Langdon. I walked slowly, pretending to be in a movie. :P

And I thought of a figurative lesson: Do not venture into other people’s personal space. Let them be free to do the things they want. Everyone shall be responsible for each action undertaken. A sense of freedom and responsibility can make an individual matured and fully-developed. =)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It’s Not Pink All the Time

She captured the hearts of a lot of individuals – from the three-month old infant wearing her baby dress, the chic teenager carrying her handbag, to the forty-year old mother buying her sweet candies.

This simple round-headed cat with a few whiskers, a spot (which serves as her nose), no mouth at all, and the signatured ribbon hanging on her head; is one of the most famous characters in the whole world.

Being a lover myself, I had a chance to visit my favorite character in her hometown, and I sort-of, had a getting-to-know date with her ;)

Let me share a few trivial facts about her:

  • Born in 1974 (She’s much older than I am, yet never looks matured! Haha She remains a kitten forever)
  • Japan is her hometown, technically speaking for she was created by a Japanese designer. Sanrio is her world.
  • However, in her own make-believe world, she lives in London, and her surname is White!
  • Full name is KITTY WHITE.
  • She is popularly called Kitty-chan, but Westerners made her famous as “Hello Kitty”.
  • The first Hello Kitty product is a vinyl coin purse.
  • She has a twin sister named Mimmy! (maybe her twin doesn’t want to be on the spotlight)
  • Hello Kitty - a cat that was kittenish – has earnings of about $1billion!

Certainly, it’s not pink all the time. Most of her products are pink stuffs, yet the real Hello Kitty wears a kimono, and sometimes a summer dress and hat!

Lesson learned: Don’t always stick to your trademark. Pink may be good, yet explore different hues and combination. As I go on with life, I learned a variety of “colors” suitable enough for me. I am not the mechanical pink-lover anymore, but have learned to adjust to the varieties of colorful hues around me. Thanks Kitty-chan for an insightful chit chat.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yihee! Sobrang Cheesy!

Cheesy. Mushy. Whatever label people use to describe extreme or unlikely sweetness.

Here's a shot that may be tagged under this category.

Believe me, I didn't take this on purpose. I don't want to be a paparazzi. LOL

The truth is, I was shooting the disciplined audience waiting for a street parade. While browsing my shots, my eye caught sight of this cheesy couple.

I find them cute, though.

They may be models for the next Greenwich "sobrang cheesy commercial." (winks)

Girl: Gimme a kiss sweetie.
Guy: Do I know you..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Restroom Talks

It was a typical Sunday night which is not so extraordinary from any other evenings...

...until, something happened.

I entered the restroom and stayed there for more than a minute...Fixed my hair, powdered my face, and checked out my looks.

Suddenly, I was surprised to see a guy came in.
Amused, I just smiled said to myself, "He was mistaken. Very funny."

Then, two more guys came rushing in.
I raised an eyebrow, and said to myself, "This is the ladies room. They aren't supposed to be here... Unless..."

It was the MEN's comfort room! Pretended I saw nothing and walked out... LOL

Lesson learned:
Always pay attention to signs.
And if you don't, always be poised despite embarrassment. :P

Restroom Trivia:

In Thailand, there are some buildings with three types of restrooms:
  • Ladies
  • Gentlemen
  • Lady Gentlemen - for the gay people :P
That's how they value the so-called third sex population.

In some Eastern countries like Japan, they have this restroom bowl for ladies. Ladies have to squat on the floor to pee. I find this better than the Western style, for this is more hygienic.

That's all. Enough with too much restroom talks. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Colorful World!

Everytime I gaze at the world around me, I see the world as a colorful place - full of vivid and lively hues making my sight so valuable.

Unlike other creatures who can see a few shades only, we are so privileged to be granted the capacity to see a multitude of colors.

For example, dogs are said to have dichromatic vision. They see the colors of the world as basically yellow, blue and gray. Compared to humans, they are "color blind", per se. However, experts estimate that we can distinguish perhaps as many as 10 million colors! Yes, the human eye can distinguish a lot of hues!

Taking advantage of this ability, I captured multi-colored things around me, and came up with these shots.

Elephant stuffed toys in all shades!

Choose stoned containers of all hues.

Accessorize and colorize!

I'm blooming and life is colorful ;)

Yes, to everything (and everyone) who makes my life colorful, thanks a bunch! :)

May everyone have the colorful life we've always wanted. ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Images of all Colors

Ebony and Ivory. (B&W)

Two distinct identities which were seldom put together due to racial discrimination. True, racism poisons the community and negatively harms all of us in different ways. Blatantly hateful actions arise due to discrimination, affecting pursuits in worldwide progress.

But it’s good to know that there is an organization which develops racial awareness in everything it does. It is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Distributing publications worldwide, it caters to a vast market yet always takes into consideration its readers and the issues that lie within.

An article making copies which adapt to the regions which they will be shipped.

Not only the persons are considered, but also the settings of the photos.

There is no snow in the second copy. (To be shipped to African regions where there is no snow)

Racial awareness and culture are really considered.

Skin tone, even of partial exposure, are also significant.

Thus, magazines of all kinds...

...and even tracts (or smaller publications) are also customized for different cultures.

Extensive studies and efforts are carried out in order to come up with these results. The goal? To reach the hearts of all sorts of people without offending others or causing conflicts. So, the next time these publications with "images of all colors" reach your doors, please feel free to appreciate it.

Truly a remarkable provision!