Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Vikings – A Feast From the Sea

It is graduation season once again and as always, parents beam at the proud moment of seeing their son/daughter climb up the stage to reap the fruits of hard work. Our tita is one of those proud parents, who decided to treat us all to a graduation feast.

Feast it is, as we found ourselves in Vikings SM Marikina. Uncover the taste of luxury – this is Vikings’ striking statement to its customers as they promote the services they offered. However, one doesn’t have to be intimated because true to its tagline, it’s the luxury buffet for every Juan! And being the Juan and Juanas to celebrate our cousin’s triumph, we started the ‘feast from the sea’.

Like the Vikings who were great warriors and once ruled out the seven seas, we became warriors of a different type – food lovers ready to celebrate. We explored the area and found out that there are various food stations.  I was surprised by the extensiveness of the buffet spread. From outside, you'd think this was a small branch but I was wrong. Some favorites include the following:

Salad and appetizer station
Bread station – sourdough!
Cold cuts and cheese
Carving station – US Roast Beef and Lamb Chops are must-tries
Barbecue station
Korean food station – bulgogi and well, kimchi
Chinese – dumplings and siomai
Japanese – sushi and sashimi overload
Dessert Station -yogurt ice cream, chocolate fountain, raspberry crepe and crème brulee
Drinks Station – Twinings tea, cold juices and shakes, coffee, tea, milo shake and even San Mig beer

Plate no. 1 – The healthy plate served as appetizer. I enjoyed the pomelo salad but added a touch of cheese.
The Oyster Rockefeller also topped my list.

Plate no. 2 – A Japanese food lover at heart! After making our own chirashidon, 
we shared a plate of sushi overload.

Plate no. 3 – Time for some protein – lamb chops and mint sauce salsa.

Plate no. 4 – East meets west on my plate. 
A mixture of Korean Bulgogi and Western food (such as pizza and barbecue)

Plate 5 – Shabu-shabu – spicy broth for us.

Plate 6 – Chinese cuisine (siomai and chicken feet) – almost full this time. Haha

Plate 7 – Satisfying the sweet tooth with half order of raspberry crepe, 
fruits, yogurt and ice cream (avocado and bubble gum flavors)

As the food adventure ended, we realized that life really gives us a lot of reasons to celebrate. These gatherings do not have to be as grandiose as the way the Vikings celebrated (not stopping until their every want and need was satisfied) but what is important is to gather loved ones, share success and happiness, and be grateful for all the blessings received.

For your own food adventure, visit Vikings SM Marikina:
SM Marikina, Marcos Highway,
Calumpang, Marikina City
Tel No.: 570-3888; 570-4888; 570-5888
Mobile No.: 0917-8766888