Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What is a unique experience in Burgoo; which other restaurants do not have?

It is undeniably proven that Burgoo serves mouth-watering recipes for people of all ages to satisfy their craving palate. But a unique experience in Burgoo is the use of a large sheet of paper as substitute for tablecloth. Also present is a wooden receptacle with crayons so diners can express themselves through sketches, doodles and other works of art while waiting for the food to be served.

The waiter also introduces himself and writes his name on the paper.

Mishi, my niece, revealing her artistic side. :P

What better way to express love... :)

“The Barn” a former resto in Katipunan (infront of Miriam College) also provides this experience.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Camaya Coast

"Life is breathtakingly simple."


Here are some snapshots during our Camaya Coast trip.

Boating exclusively for Camaya.

top view


care for a trek?

cross the stilts

or cross this inflatable moving "bridge"

Feast for a king!

Tying the Knots

When I was younger, I used to see weddings as occasions when you can put on your most elegant dress, enjoy sumptuous food, and dance-your-heart-out with friends and relatives. Weddings gave me a chance to play “he loves me-loves me not” on petals of bridal bouquets, spread icing on my playmate’s face and pose for the cameraman to take snapshots of blissful moments.

I remembered walking down the aisle as a flower girl for less than ten times and as a bridesmaid for more than 5 times. I cherished these moments because back then, I believe that being part of the entourage is a great opportunity to make the wedding-of-a-lifetime successful.

Now, weddings have a deeper impact on me.

The latest wedding I attended was that of my friends, Jason and Haidee; held at Club Balai Isabel, Batangas. Aiming for a dream wedding everyone wants to have, they exchanged their vows after a marvelous sunset and partied the night away with butterflies (literally) also celebrating with the blissful crowd.

sunset ceremony

overjoyed groom and bride

exchange of vows

sumptuous dinner

I see weddings now as a more solemn occasion inspired by love and lifelong commitment.

These are the moments I now cherish during weddings:

Ø bride walking down the aisle with that teary-eyed-with-joy-look in her eyes

Ø groom awaiting his long-waited bride march towards him with a smile of triumph and awe

Ø Parents hysterically parting with their offspring

Ø Exchange of vows ( I listen to every word they said)

Ø Tips and advices of the officiating minister

Yes, I see not just the tangible part of weddings anymore – venue, food and merrymaking. I see the warmth of emotions and commitment. I see the tying of 3 cords – husband, wife and God. I see sacrifice, trust, love and the start of a new chapter in life.