Saturday, July 30, 2011

Extraordinary Sunrise and Sunset

We may all have portfolios of sunrise and sunset snapshots but there are shots to be treated as extraordinary. Yes, there are once-in-a-lifetime moments that are worth treasuring.

Sunrise at 5AM - while everyone else was asleep on-board, we took snapshots of Mr. Sun rising up and diffusing its breathtaking light for the world to have a brand new day.

Clear sky, equally-scattered clouds, perfect timing, strategic location, best seatmates = PERFECT MOMENT

Mr. Sun saying goodbye, solemn clouds looming overhead, ship passing by, great seatmates = Once-In-a-Lifetime Sunset

In the days to come, we may experience how to be in one with Mr. Sun every time he shows up and says goodbye. But every sunrise/sunset is different. Never will a moment be repeated. So don't just glimpse, but look and be mesmerized by Mr. Sun.

Love In The Streets

The street is not just a venue for chaos and darkness, but is also a setting for positive feelings to flow.

LOVE is visibly seen.

Old couple sharing their “obento” lunch meal, with stories for each other despite hectic schedules.

Unmindful of heat and burden, Daddy selflessly carrying little boy to see the parade.

HHWW (Holding hands while walking)

Comfort in the arms of significant other

But avoid too much PDA.

Disclaimer: I am no paparazzi, but I just find it uplifting to see expressions of love in the streets.

Let's Drink To That!

Is it wrong to drink alcoholic beverage? The answer is NO.

Research has shown that moderate consumption of alcohol may have several positive effects on your health:
Relaxing quality - Alcohol has the ability to help one endure distress.
Good for the health – Doctors: “A glass of wine a day helps keep heart disease away.”

Though these benefits should be considered, we should not forget the fact that alcohol certainly does have many negative effects. Many deaths are alcohol-related (either from driving accidents, illness, or even violence). Many lives were even destroyed by alcohol. These negative effects have caused an alcoholic stigma on our society, making others frown over the looks of people holding a bottle of brandy.

But these negative effects occur due to OVERUSE of alcohol.
Lesson? Drink responsibly and in moderation. Plus, drink with the right people at the right time.

What's Your Love Story?

After 14 years, they met again. Guy living in California, while girl used to live in Singapore. And today, they will exchange vows – a lifelong commitment of love.

Boy met girl. They spent their entire college days as lovers but broke up after graduation. Years passed by and one ordinary day their paths met, making that day start of the most special love story ever.

Guy let stranger enter the elevator first. Stranger smiled at him. Hours later, guy was surprised to see stranger in his office. Now, stranger is the mother of guy’s cute children.

Funny how love stories start and continue making people’s lives colorful. The real-life stories above are cases far from each other but have one common perfect ingredient– selfless love.

What’s your own love story? It may not be a perfect fairy tale, but no matter how simple or complicated love stories may be, I do still believe in the power of selfless love. Distance, time, and differences cannot break down a strong bond.

Love, love, love!

P.S. Inspired by my friend’s wedding today, I can’t help but feel romantically-inspired by the portfolio of weddings, pre-nuptial shots and love stories by wedding professionals. Congrats Ate Ness! I’m sending all the love for you on your SPECIAL DAY! May all the days ahead of you be filled with happiness ever after!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Flying Pig

A much noticeable restaurant in Eastwood Mall, The Flying Pig is a headturner for hungry stomachs walking along the Ground Floor. Almost right across Eastwood’s dancing fountain, this restaurant is a must-try for pork lovers. Inspired by super heroes from famous movies, the theme features “Mr. (and Ms.) Porky” in various costumes – Green Lantern, Superman, The Torch, etc.

Though The Flying Pig sounds like an all-pork-lovers-place, it offers leafy and healthy meals such as salads and soups.

Must tries: Mr. Pork Sampler (the Hungarian sausage is spicy and yummy) and specialty liempo with 2 types of sauce plus the bagoong rice.

Though pigs don’t literally fly, The Flying Pig will surely amuse, ignite the super hero-aficionado-aspect in you and satisfy your cravings! It will almost make you believe that pigs don't just walk, they fly...and land in your stomachs. ;)

If you eat at The Flying Pig, you may also order from the adjoining restaurant “Blufish” (belonging to the same owner (which serves seafoods as their specialty).