Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rizal Shrine/ Dambanang Rizal

Rizal Shrine/ Dambanang Rizal is one of the most-visited tourist attraction in Calamba, Laguna. It is the birth place of Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. The original house was destroyed during World War II but was restored and inaugurated.

Rizal Shrine (painted green)

The house was painted green in 2009. The new color may have caused a lot of eyebrow-raising, but I understood the reasons why it was painted such:
1. Rizal was an environmentalist.
2. The new color highlights and informs visitors of the meaning of his surname – RIZAL (comes from the Spanish “ricial” which describes a green field ready for harvest) The green hues are meant to honor the memory of the Rizal family and their way of life. (Credits to the tour guide-turned-photographer for this info)

The shrine serves as a museum containing memorabilias of Rizal’s earlier childhood.

Actual clothes worn by Rizal, the dining room "fan" and the master's bedroom

Rizal's painting of himself using a mirror to see his reflection (vanity!)

Doll's dress was designed by Rizal as gift

Rizal's sketch of a "cute" guardia sibil (hehe)

beautiful clay pots in the kitchen

On the grounds is a statue of the boy Rizal and his pet dog and the lot where Rizal’s parents remains were transferred.

Rizal and his dog, Braganza (or sometimes called Berganza)

huts in the garden which used to be his playground

It was noticeable that Rizal's family was quite well-off, they live in a house made of bricks (only the rich ones can afford this during their time). I was amazed at the antique and intricate designs of their furnitures, and the place was really spacious for a Filipino family at their time. We all learned about Rizal's life from our school textbooks (it was compulsory), but having touchpoint with his house made me more insightful about his real personality. ;)

Visitors can enter the shrine everyday and there’s no entrance fee, but donations are welcome. There are tourist guides who (upon request) will elaborate Rizal's childhood days.

The next time you visit Laguna, go ahead and take a stop at this educational place.

Conti's Culinary Treasures

Conti's - Home of Culinary Treasures, a place that brings family and friends together.
There goes their slogan, expressing their stand in the food and culinary industry.

And so Conti's offers various delectable dishes and culinary masterpieces to choose from - great appetizers, pastries and cakes, pastas, entrees, and other fabulous treasures for the palate.

Being a frequent visitor of Conti's, I am a fan of their delectable seafood and beef entrees, and never finishes my meal without an indulging slice of cake as dessert.

Conti’s at Nuvali Solenad (Italian Supreme Pasta and Mango Royale Salad)

Bananalicious Pie and Seafood Au Gratin

For more info, you may visit their website.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Curly Tops…PERManently

For women, hair is generally more than just hair. For every inch/strand, there’s a corresponding value – the years of love and care we put into growing it, flaunting it, and making this crowning glory look its best. But there are times when we really have to do exploratory styles with our tops and even do risky changes and cuts to see what’s best fitted to us.

And now I say goodbye to boring straight hair and say hello to curly tops.

just 15 minutes under this machine

Tip: If you are looking at getting a perm, I suggest you're best off going to a Korean or Japanese hair salon, since the technology originated in that part of the world, and given the sheer number of unhappy straight-fine-haired Asian ladies out there, East Asian hair stylists have by now perfected the digital perming technique to a fine art.

Clips and Trims International Co. Ltd.
Address: Unit 101 Residencia 888 Bldg., Amethyst St., corner Pearl Drive, Ortigas Pasig City (beside Tektite and Octagon)
Contact Number: 687-6352
Look for Cindy (the kind Korean owner)

Process takes about 3 hours – faster than hair rebond and not painful at all. First, you have to undergo the Korean haircut (meticulously done by senior stylist to ensure perfect layers and curl figure). Afterwards, treatments shall be applied. You’re hair shall then be processed using flexible hot rods with temperature regulated by a machine, which has a digital display, hence the name. With the machine, depending on the size of the curling barrels you chose, your hair can be either curly, wavy like spaghetti, or simply full of body. (I chose big curls for my hair.)

Prices depend on the salon, but Clips and Trims offers it for:
Php 3000 – Digital Perm (minimum)
Php 4500 – Package (with treatment, Korean haircut, and Glossing Fluid Essence)

Get this organic styling fluid essence (made up of brown rice) with the package.

The new Korean girl (just kidding..that's me!) with Cindy (the Korean owner)

So what are you waiting for?
Time for you to get permed and get gorgeous stylish waves with just a twirl of your finger.