Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mr. & Mrs.’ Phuket-moon

Google didn’t fail us when we asked him for suggestions on where to go for honeymoon. Phuket came up as one of the frequently-traveled destinations of newlyweds. Phuket (and the whole vast of Thailand) has so much to offer to tourists and true enough, we were able to discover its beauty.

I (almost) felt at home in Phuket since the environment was very much like the Philippines. I thought of the Thai natives as a close relative of the Filipinos because of their warm and hospitable behavior. We stayed in Tropical Garden Resort, Kata Beach in Phuket, thanks to Asiatravel for recommending this hotel on their website. Our room has a sea view which we found very refreshing. After "decades" of preparing for the wedding, this place was worth staying at with the gentle wind blowing the stress away and the beautiful sunset mesmerizing our eyes. The moment was like a pat on the back for a milestone attained.

The hotel management also surprised us with a cute (and romantic) bed arrangement for honeymooners! Other than the beautiful amenities this resort has to offer, their buffet breakfast is something we looked forward to every morning when we woke up. It catered to the Western, Asian (and vegetarian) tastes.

One of the highlights of this escapade was the visit to PhiPhi Island – a pristine paradise silently waiting to be discovered. The water reminds me of El Nido, but the shores remind me of Boracay – with shops everywhere. One has to ride a cruise ship for almost an hour to get to the island. Once on the island, people can shop, eat, buy stuffs, swim or mingle with the locals. The trip to PhiPhi Island was a one-day affair but tourists may extend depending on their plans. 

On the next days of the escapade, we found ourselves busy with elephant riding, visiting talented Thai monkeys, trying out honey delicacies and exploring the bee farm, studying the cashew nut livelihood and trying out Thai food. There was so much to explore, yet time was limited. But of course, the serene times in the beach were my favorite moments.

After five days, it was time to go home. With a heavy heart, we finished going to a few shops and headed on to the airport. We thought the best moment was over but then I suddenly realized that my wallet was missing. We were halfway on our way to the airport when I discovered it was not inside my bag. Good thing my hubby had a reliable memory and we were able to figure out where we left it. Our very kind Thai tour guide brought us back to the place (despite the traffic) and arranged with the airport in case we’d be a little late for the flight. When we arrived at the shop, the Thai owner hurriedly ran to me and said “I was looking all over for you! Here’s your wallet.” My wallet was returned to me and not even a single cent was taken. Tearfully, I said the most heartful “Kappunka” (Thank you in Thai) I ever mentioned. Thai people are worthy of commendation. They restored my confidence in the honesty of other people even in a country not our own and that there is always good in people’s hearts.

It was a joy beyond compare to experience Phuket in just a short time. It was an extraordinary trip because it was our first trip as husband and wife. The beauty of the land and the sterling heart of the people made it even more special.