Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tying the Knots

When I was younger, I used to see weddings as occasions when you can put on your most elegant dress, enjoy sumptuous food, and dance-your-heart-out with friends and relatives. Weddings gave me a chance to play “he loves me-loves me not” on petals of bridal bouquets, spread icing on my playmate’s face and pose for the cameraman to take snapshots of blissful moments.

I remembered walking down the aisle as a flower girl for less than ten times and as a bridesmaid for more than 5 times. I cherished these moments because back then, I believe that being part of the entourage is a great opportunity to make the wedding-of-a-lifetime successful.

Now, weddings have a deeper impact on me.

The latest wedding I attended was that of my friends, Jason and Haidee; held at Club Balai Isabel, Batangas. Aiming for a dream wedding everyone wants to have, they exchanged their vows after a marvelous sunset and partied the night away with butterflies (literally) also celebrating with the blissful crowd.

sunset ceremony

overjoyed groom and bride

exchange of vows

sumptuous dinner

I see weddings now as a more solemn occasion inspired by love and lifelong commitment.

These are the moments I now cherish during weddings:

Ø bride walking down the aisle with that teary-eyed-with-joy-look in her eyes

Ø groom awaiting his long-waited bride march towards him with a smile of triumph and awe

Ø Parents hysterically parting with their offspring

Ø Exchange of vows ( I listen to every word they said)

Ø Tips and advices of the officiating minister

Yes, I see not just the tangible part of weddings anymore – venue, food and merrymaking. I see the warmth of emotions and commitment. I see the tying of 3 cords – husband, wife and God. I see sacrifice, trust, love and the start of a new chapter in life.


Gayle said...

bess, JW ba un kinasal? :)

Bess said...

Yeah. JWs.
Bro. Quijilag was the officiating minister.