Thursday, July 02, 2009

UP, Katipunan, QC - A Place To Be

Spending my college years in Katipunan QC, I remembered how strict the guards of Miriam College were. Being an exclusive school for girls, they have always been so protective to the students. It is, in fact, a perk for us, since we are all safe and sound inside the campus. Protected by the sceneries and “holy” walls of the campus, we had a lot of time to meditate with nature and bond with blockmates.

However, there was a time when the innovative human minds of my blockmates started to function. We ended up having a joyride along Katipunan and landing on the greeneries of the University of the Philippines.

UP Sunken Garden

A lady chilling out while reading a book

That’s how I learned about UP and the beauty it suppresses.

UP - Bahay ng Alumni

When you go inside this building...

You will find the famous Chocolate Kiss

A romantic and cozy place to dine

One of their specialties is their iced tea.

You blend your own iced tea, mixing honey and calamansi with tea.
This idea is of Japanese origin, wherein people made tea depending on their own taste.
They add sugar gum and lemon flavor, instead.

In the long run, I learned to love the Sunken Garden, the isaw, shopping center with services that fit the budget, the booth fairs, events and theatrical plays, the stars, and the serene ambience (despite the liberated people and the rallies and frats..hehe).

Dare your stomach to eat the craved-for-isaw.

UP will always be a location close to my heart. ;)


proud_isko said...
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Cat ur Stwin said...

Oh I remember UP as a Peaceful and Quiet place where we could freely run as a stray cat (but don't forget to look left and right before crossing the street). I mean there's a lot of trees to filter polluted air so we can relax as we lay down at the sunken garden to wait the beautiful sunset.
I really loved the Iced Tea at the Chocolate Kiss Restaurant especially the honey and the calamansi that you are going to blend according to your taste and the best part of it is unlimited refills. Hmm...... I can drink 4 glass. hahaha.

Bess said...

aww... emo mode. :P
Kakamiss ang UP :)
Balik tayo ulit :D
After the rainy seasons. :)
Kakatanggal stress ang sunken garden noh :D

Cat ur Stwin said...

hahaha... drink 4 glass daw oh... it should be 4 glasses.

yeah sure were going back there as long as it is your treat.

hmmm..I'm a bit curious. Who was the one pouring the syrup, wearing a yellow shirt.

Bess said...

My treat? Sure :)
Money is never a problem (hahahaha)
The isaw is my treat :P
The ChocKiss is yours ;P

The one wearing yellow? My pretty twin ;)