Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wacky's Story

“It’s a dog’s life!’ Mine was really a dog’s life – was born with my siblings and shared resources with more than 5 dogs in the house. After more than a month, I was given to a family who lost their beloved dog named Charcoal. I didn’t have enough time to know Charcoal before he passed away but I was told he was my uncle (I guess to some degree). Please click here to read Charcoal’s tear jerking story.

Anyway, I was warmly welcomed by my new family and they call me Wacky. I don’t do somersaults, make funny faces, nor wag my tongue every time Bess (the daughter) takes pictures of me, but I was labeled Wacky by Mommy (I can call her that now) for no reason whatsoever. First choice is Bruno, to jokingly create an impression of a huge dog (which is in fact the opposite), but thank goodness Wacky is what I was fondly called now.

I hear them saying I am well-behaved and not craving for much attention as their old dog. I just want to be cradled in my master’s arms and given food. They had lots of dog food and I love it! Then the big change came.

I was brought to another house, heard I was to meet Mommy’s son and his family. Whew! The first time I saw their 2-year old baby Mishi, I felt home. She became a playmate and a good friend. We watched cartoons together and playfully ran around the house. When the time to leave came, she cried so hard that I had to stay in their house for a couple of days. I don’t know how, but there suddenly sparked an emotional attachment between a little girl and a dog. Every time she wakes up in the middle of a long sleep, she’ll ask, “Where’s Wacky?” and when they assured her I’m nearby, she’ll fall asleep satisfied. And so, this goes on and I now live in their house. That 2-year old girl became my master and good friend.

That was the beginning of a brilliant career as an entertainer and playmate. And thanks to that, I am better fed and cared for than ever. Looking forward to years of being with this family. Anybody for a dog’s life?

This is the beginning of my story.

With lots of love,


MiEnNe said...

Hi Wacky:) I didn't meet Charcoal in person but I heard lotsa great stories about him in college:) I'm happy that you found a lovely home, surrounded by loving people:) Say hi to Bess for me, please? arf:)

Bess said...

Arf Arf
Hello Mienne :)
Thanks for dropping by, I hope to see you soon, perhaps I can join you and Bess on a walk in Tiendesitas/BGC. Take care. Arf arf :)