Monday, July 13, 2009

Thrilled at Enchanted Kingdom

What makes an experience great is not actually the place, it's the people you're with.

Definitely true.

Though I've been to numerous amusement parks and attractions, still, nothing beats my "EK" Enchanted Kingdom adventure.

Typhoon, heavy traffic and even multiple delays did not hinder us from setting off to the Wizard's Kingdom.

EK offers a lot of attractions, and the ride-all-you-can stub is always utilized whenever I purchase one. But an EK trip wouldn't be complete without trying out my top 2 picks.

TOP 1 - Space Shuttle

Get full-packed with energy (and nausea as well..hehe) as you ride this primary thriller.

Twists and loops of Space Shuttle

TOP 2 - Anchor's Away

Get bewildered as the ride sways from one end to another.

A vivid example of thrilled people...(peace!)

So, if you're opt for adventure, visit and revisit EK!
To avail of EK's latest promos, please click here.

(Should I get an advertising fee for this? :P)

Before you go, be sure to bring along your lively buddies! ;)


Anthony said...

haha.. the best. ;p sana maulit..with more time!

FITZ said...

Haha si patrick naihi jan e wahahahahahahahaha

Anthony said...

weh di nga.. haha.

Bess said...

@Tony - hehe maulit ang Anchors!!! :P Sana nga.. Kelan ka uwi?

Bess said...

Fitz - talaga?