Saturday, July 30, 2011

Extraordinary Sunrise and Sunset

We may all have portfolios of sunrise and sunset snapshots but there are shots to be treated as extraordinary. Yes, there are once-in-a-lifetime moments that are worth treasuring.

Sunrise at 5AM - while everyone else was asleep on-board, we took snapshots of Mr. Sun rising up and diffusing its breathtaking light for the world to have a brand new day.

Clear sky, equally-scattered clouds, perfect timing, strategic location, best seatmates = PERFECT MOMENT

Mr. Sun saying goodbye, solemn clouds looming overhead, ship passing by, great seatmates = Once-In-a-Lifetime Sunset

In the days to come, we may experience how to be in one with Mr. Sun every time he shows up and says goodbye. But every sunrise/sunset is different. Never will a moment be repeated. So don't just glimpse, but look and be mesmerized by Mr. Sun.


Anonymous said...

I really love how you take pictures of anything that you see and turn them into beautiful and magnificent pictures for people to see and appreciate what you love to do i wish i could also do photography with only a simple digicam.hope to see you soon bess.

Anonymous said...

anyway i forgot to tell's me paula,riche's wife.remember?

Bess said...

Hi Paula :) Thank you for appreciating my entries. :) Hope to see you, Riche and your baby again!

eiLseL said...

ang ganda bess...keep clicking for those shots!

i like taking pictures too (not on dslr, though---but it doesnt matter,,hahaha like 'its not the pen, its the caligrapher' thingy)

love it bess!

Bess said...

Thanks Les :)
Agree, It's not the pana or the indian, it's a combination of both. ;)