Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love In The Streets

The street is not just a venue for chaos and darkness, but is also a setting for positive feelings to flow.

LOVE is visibly seen.

Old couple sharing their “obento” lunch meal, with stories for each other despite hectic schedules.

Unmindful of heat and burden, Daddy selflessly carrying little boy to see the parade.

HHWW (Holding hands while walking)

Comfort in the arms of significant other

But avoid too much PDA.

Disclaimer: I am no paparazzi, but I just find it uplifting to see expressions of love in the streets.


Kean said...

is this in Japan? I think that is encouraging story despite of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis they still have time for love :)

Bess said...

Hi Kean :) Some shots are taken in Japan.