Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Extraordinary Garden

We read from Science books that plants grow because of the proper mix of air, water and sunlight. However, experience teaches us that plants grow well because of the gardener’s TLC (tender, loving care). Yes, gardening is an interesting hobby, not only for “domesticated” individuals, but also for the outgoing ones.

I was amused and privileged to see two exemplary gardens during my visit to 2 provinces in Japan – Ebina and Chiba. These gardens were called the GARDEN of BIBLE PLANTS.

Created by Bible-oriented individuals, these gardens include the major plants mentioned in the Bible.

1. THE FIG TREE was to be found in the first garden ever planted on our earth. Our first human parents started us off in eating this delicious fruit, the fig. Quite out of the ordinary, the first clothing that our first parents, Adam and Eve, wore for a short time to cover their loins was made from fig leaves, sewn together.

2. The OLIVE TREE was unquestionably one of the most valuable plants in Bible times, of equal importance with the vine and the fig tree. (It appears early in the Bible record; following the Flood it was an olive leaf brought back by a dove that indicated to Noah the recession of the waters.

3. The VINE was mentioned bu Jesus. On the night when he drank wine for the last time with eleven of his loyal companions, he said the following significant words: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the cultivator. I am the vine, you are the branches.”

There were more Bible plants in these gardens, and I’m giving you the chance to explore more of these plants. C’mon, let’s start making a research on the Bible. ;)

Credits to WTLib2008 for some lines.


Julius Tan said...

interesting.. sana meron din nito sa atin.. :D

Bess said...

oo nga eh :)
Well, Philippines has natural gardens :) These are just man-made ones :D

Julius Tan said...

you mean, these plants are just artifical?