Sunday, April 17, 2011

Even Cameras Need a Remedy

Camera or Lens Repair? SLR cleaning? I have long looked for shops offering this service, but one service shop put my search into an end. Scanning the streets of Palanca and Hidalgo in Manila, I accidentally came across this shop specializing in camera repair, cleaning and vintage parts inspection. It was a few steps away from the well-renowned Mayer and Henry’s Photo Shop (suppliers of SLRs in the metro).

After some chit-chat with Mr. Karlo (enjoying free photography tutorials as well),I found out that he was one of the privileged 2 Filipino photography experts sent abroad for training. He used to work for Columbia in SM Megamall, and is now using his skills and expertise to work for Shurdun.

For the benefit of photography aficionados, here are the details:

Shurdun Camera Repair Shop

Address: 709 R. Hidalgo St., Quiapo Manila

Landmarks: left side of the street if you exit from SM, beside Megacolors

Karlo – 09224644644 (you may inform him that you got his details in BESS photoblog)

Rates (may vary depending on extent of damage):

• SLR cleaning (including fungus removal) – P1000

• Lens Repair (repair of broken/chipped off lenses plus any damage) – P1000

Rates are negotiable (I was given a P500 discount!).

Please take note that you may have to leave your camera/lens for a few hours or overnight to have it repaired. Grateful I was spared the cost of buying a new SLR/lens. Thanks Shurdun.

Shurdun means sure done!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bess,
is this number still active? i'd like to see if he can repair my 50mm prime lens. thanks for the article!

Bess said...

Hello Thomas.
Yes, it's still active.
Please feel free to call/visit him.
He's capable of repairing such lens. :) Good day!

whui said...

Contrary to your experience, I had a very bad experience with this shop. They repaired by 18-55mm lens and it worked fine at the start, but my lens got broken again. I'm availing of warranty now and it's been more than a month and they can't repair my lens. I've lost work and money now waiting for my lens to get fixed.

leugim said...

Hi! Is the shop still open? I need to have a fungus cleaned on a Sigma lens : ]