Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Perfect Moment

It is a night different from all the rest. It is the greatest night of my life. The green trees sway as if they enjoy the bliss of the moment. The wind blows my hair tranquilly and I can feel the placid smell of the night. The moon shines dazzlingly as if to enchant my eyes. I can hear the chirping of the birds from a distance. I gaze upward and saw the stars. A multitude of stars sparkles above me and as I stared at one twinkling star, I feel a breathtaking occurrence. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

I have waited for a long time. Like the water gushing out from a river, uncontrollable and expeditious, my feelings cannot be concealed anymore. Camouflaging is not my skill. I’ve had a hard time being a cryptic, mystifying others with my innermost sentiments. I am going to release the stabbing dagger within me. Yes, tonight is the night. The moment is perfect.

I pull out my gaze from the stars and slowly glimpse at you. You are looking at the stars. It seems that the stars also conjure you up. You are next to me, and I can’t believe how close I am to you. Your eyes glint with a look of contentment and enthusiasm. I stare at you and see the ideal individual that I’ve been waiting for. You are the epitome of affection, friendship and love. Every time I look at you, I can perceive the innermost thing about you. That’s how unperturbed I am whenever you’re there. You are the only one that makes me feel this way. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

The wind blows and you suddenly separate your gaze from the stars. You start to fix your eyes on me. I look at you with a thumping heart, and for once, the world stops. The moonlight beams at us as if we are at the center of a theater stage. Your eyes are gentle as you slowly infiltrates my being. With just one look, the transparency of my eyes sinks into your gaze, and you understand everything. I can’t take my eyes away and so do you. The intertwining of our consciousness happens tonight. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

As if in a trance, the silence continues as we look into each other’s eyes. Then, suddenly you speak. The world begins to exist again. I can see the green trees sway, the wind blows, and the moon and stars glow above. You ask it. The words I so long to hear. Now, it’s my turn. Without doubt, I slowly open my lips to speak. I want to release the gushing stream within me. I close my eyes to gather the strength to voice out the exact words. Tonight is the night. Yes, the moment is perfect.

I gradually open my eyes. I can see the brilliance of the light. I can feel the wind. However, I don’t see the trees, the moon and the stars. I look beside me. No one. You are not in the same spot where you are. All I can see is my bed, my pillows, and myself. Too bad I wasn’t able to say the words. Too bad I can’t remember your face. Too bad I can’t see you again. Too bad… it is all a dream.

The night is over.
The perfect moment is over.


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bess said...

hihi ka jan

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