Monday, June 29, 2009

What is Winnie the Pooh's Gender?

A friend once asked me that question.

I answered abruptly, "He is a boy, of course!"

My friend demanded for a reliable proof, yet I cannot give one.
Such a shallow argument, others may think. But I want to settle this argument. :P

Now, I now have evidence!

From Winnie the Pooh's original house and from the book "Hundred Acres Wood: Pooh's Hunny Hunt", came the precise answer.

"Rest assured, he is a boy." - Christopher Robin

Now that your gender identity crisis has came to an end, I'll give you a big hug. ;)


Cat ur Stwin said...


Bess said...

Correct ;)

Julius Tan said...

so pwede mo palang ipangalan sa magiging anak mo ay "Winnie" hehe! Btw, parang ang weird naman ng book na yan.. talagang nag-justify na si pooh ay isang lalake.. =)) Defensive yata? hahaha

Bess said...

I don't like Winnie as my child's name :)) Mareng Winnie comes into my mind first. :P's not weird.
It's actually and introduction in the giant book :)