Wednesday, September 07, 2011


In a series of events around the globe, there is a surge of natural disasters; which includes great floods, devastating tsunamis, tornadoes and uncontrollable weather instabilities. After these disasters, affected people became clad in a dramatic stress and then media proactively presents the occurrence to the whole world.

However, silently being established, there is one career that goes skyrocketing. The leaders of it are the scavengers. When nothing is more important than survival, there are people who think outside the box and surprise us with their acts. Although a scavenger is originally an animal that searches for dead plants or animals on which to feed, an individual becomes a scavenger once he possesses the human behavior to roam and scour the streets looking for something beneficial for him.

A barefooted old man collects items which will provide his family days of survival.

A young boy smiles proudly as he quantifies his precious collections to his ‘colleague’.

This “career” has no age requirement, pre-requisite course nor any overwhelming qualifications. The only important thing for an individual to enter this business is perseverance, determination, a strong cause why to scavenge and a conscience to know when lines should be crossed.

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