Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colorful Prisms

Prisms are inevitably heartwarming for they twinkle with exquisite colors that make the eyes ponder upon its beauty for a moment.

This is what I felt after looking at this lighted lamp above me.

I realized that at some point in time, we give off vibrant and exquisite colors to delight others. Inside our hearts, there is a switch; which when turned on, makes the surroundings extraordinarily colorful.

Yes, life is colorful.
Life is warm and glowing and beautiful.

If we only turn on the switch inside us, we can make a difference!

I am happy that I made a lot of lives colorful. I am happy that I made a difference in others. I am happy that I shared my life with others and gave them a reason to straighten out their paths. I am so grateful and blessed for we are all living in a colorful world. Giving off the vibrant colors is a symbiotic relationship – we all benefit from life’s colorful glow. Thanks for turning on the switch inside me ;)

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