Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gazing at Her

Again, I saw this lady.

She was staring at me with her expressive eyes, and a special beam within her.
Her curious expression seemed to search me for answers to her questions.
Her light and cheerful expression took me away for a second, and I was captivated by the sincerity in her.

I smiled, amused by her looks, and she smiled back.

Now I realized that she is an individual who has grown up, who has faced realizations in life, and has already stepped into a stage in her life. Despite the changes she had made, her sweet smile still shows that she has ventured into challenging and exciting phases in life, yet she never forgets to share happiness with others.

As I looked at her, I felt her bliss and inner peace.

And as I gazed and smiled at her, watching her every move, I felt at ease.

Tomorrow, I will see her again.

Tomorrow, I will look again at the mirror.

Captured a Red Lady ;)


Julius Tan said...

Isang araw, may isang babae na na naligaw sa ibang bansa. Siya ay nakasuot ng red-colored dress at may dalang SLR camera.

Pumasok siya sa isang silid. Tumingin siya sa kisame at nakakita siya ng concave mirror. "Huwaw! Ang galing naman nito!" Ang sabi nya. Kaya kinuha niya ang kanyang SLR camera at kinuhaan ng picture ang nananahimik na pakurbang salamin.

At eto ang kinalabasan.

Bess said...

Amusing story :P