Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Few Days with Toni

I finally met her in person.

The voice I regularly hear over the telecon is now a reality.
Fresh from Malaysia, Toni Lee is s picture of regional authority, corporate experience and innovation.
She has that drive and passion for work which influences everyone to get off to their feet, roll up their sleeves, and have another roll of scrutinizing on their tasks.
Intimidating and stern as she may seem, Toni showed us a different side of her and inculcated in our team lessons of importance.

Let me share some general tips which you may find interesting.

1. You cannot go for a thousand-mile-leap immediately, go for baby steps first.
2. In the football field, don’t keep the ball dribbling on your feet, kick it out.
3. Due diligence!
4. Do not leave any stone unturned.
5. Avoid casting stones, take responsibility of your accounts.
6. No matter how extremely busy and highly important an individual is, she has the chance to have a fetish for colored gel pens or a craving for cheese-flavored biscuits. Even these simple things can motivate an executive to word hard. ;)

Toni poses for a shot. Cool! ;)

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