Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ironies of Love

Admit it. Romantic love can be the all-encompassing source of peace, contentment and euphoria.

However, it can be the most painfully-slashing sword, the most crippling accident, or the most agonizing disaster in life. No matter how hard we try to close our eyes, we will still see and feel the ironies of love.

1. You love a person with all your heart, but that person doesn’t seem to notice you and (with all rights) cannot (and will not) love you back.
2. There are people who love you so much and are willing to give everything they have for you, yet you tend to go for the one who gives you complications in life.
3. He/she loves you. You love him/her. It all seems perfect between the two of you, but a superior factor contradicts – family, culture, religion, society, etc.
4. Distance separates two binding hearts. For a lot of reasons, you and your partner have to be separated by oceans and time zones.
5. You finally find the perfect life partner, but life takes a different course. The love of your life acquires health problems and death takes it toil.
6. You give everything for the one you love, become the most caring and sweetest partner, and become the almost-perfect-lover for him/her; yet your partner suddenly wants to wrapped in the somebody else’s arms.

Ironic, isn’t it?

But no matter how ironic love is, we still take chances and risks.

We love, unselfishly and all-out.

Eventually, we find out that the ironies of love can all be ironed out…

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