Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bus Moves

I ride the bus on an occasional basis, yet one of these rides proved to be an extraordinary experience. I sat behind the driver – one of the safest places in a vehicle. My place was near the window for I don’t want to be bothered by passing passengers who accidentally bump those sitting at the aisle.

A respectable-looking guy sat next to me. He had this ‘corporate’ look and he looked presentable enough. I was occupied with the crossroads outside for I don’t want to miss my destination, when suddenly this guy looked at me and smiled.

He said, “Hi miss. Excuse me. May I ask you a favor? Please read this message for me.”

He extended his hand and showed me a text message on his mobile phone.

I was alarmed for he might be one of those “dugu-dugu gang” (whatever they are called) who deceive people in order to rob them. I ignored him ad pretended not to hear him.

Again, he said “I need your help. Pls. read this message for me.”

Out of curiosity and somewhat willing to help (for he might be having an eye defect), I glanced a bit at his mobile phone.

The message says,

“Hi Miss. May I know your name? BTW, I’m Ivan.”

From that day on, I learned to love the MRT. hehe

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abi said...

hahaha =)) nice experience.. takot ka noh?hehe