Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kid Logic

When I was a kid, I have reasoning which my parents find it hard to argue with. They just laugh at me as if I was a clown; while in my young mind I declared such statements with all sobriety.

Here goes my kid logic.

1. My mom was in a rush moving heavy things and I was blocking the way.
Mom: Bess, Tabi ka, Huwag ka humarang sa daanan ko.
Bess (with all due respect): Bakit po? Daanan ko din naman ito ah.

2. I broke one of our fragile displays in the living room. It was a glass figurine of a girl holding a bouquet of flowers.
Dad: (jokingly): Hindi ka kasi nag-iingat. From now on, ikaw na ang iddisplay namin sa display rack kapalit ng nabasag na girl figurine.
Bess (bursting into tears): Sorry na po. Hindi ko po sinasadya. Please, huwag nyo ko idisplay baka mangawit ako. Tsaka, paano po pag nagutom ako? Sorry na..Huhuhu

3. My mom showed me a sparkling 25 centavo coin.
Mom: Ito ay ‘bente singko’
Bess: ‘Bentsing-MO’ yan mommy? Bakit ikaw lang ang may bentsing? Gusto ko din ng ‘bentsing-KO’.

There goes some of my kid logic. I know you've got more. :)

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