Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Northbound Sceneries

Hours away from home, we set off to the north and arrived at one of our destinations – BOLINAO.

Claiming to be Boracay of the North, Bolinao’s strip of land offers numerous resorts and hotels much to the delight and convenience of tourists.

Revisiting Bolinao, this time we went to Puerto del Sol.

Here are some snapshots of the place.

inviting pool

Ready for a relaxing massage?

Dewdrops on the flora

Canoe and sunset


the ultimate jacuzzi experience

Green, green grass of home

We also visited our old friend, the Lighthouse in Patar.

Puerto del Sol could have been a great resort, but the personnel are not so friendly to tourists and I do not suggest swimming in their beachfront during low tide. For those who want to visit Bolinao, I suggest you go to Treasures of Bolinao – perfect sceneries, strategic beachfront location and friendly staff.

Click here to compare with Treasures of Bolinao snapshots during our last visit.

Puerto del Sol's website

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