Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Treasures of Bolinao

Now I know why it’s called “Boracay of the North”. With its breathtaking views, serene beach and marvelous cliffs, Bolinao shall truly be a destination forever etched in my memory. We go to Pangasinan almost yearly, but this is the first time I’ve been to Bolinao, and I discovered a paradise.
For those looking for a comfortable stay, I recommend Treasures of Bolinao Hotel.

overlooking Treasures of Bolinao Resort

pool inside the resort

splashy waves in Bolinao (trek on top)

Patar Beach crystal clear waves

Here are recommended various spots:
  1. Patar White Beach
  2. Various hotels and destinations (Puerto del Sol and Treasures of Bolinao topped the list)
  3. Enchanted Cave
  4. Cape Bolinao (Major Lighthouse International)
  5. “Poseidon” Cliffs
  6. Patar Woodland (ideal for lovers of trekking and mountain climbing)

on top of cliff

One thing I learned: The best things in life are FREE! Hahaha :P

sunset at Bolinao

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