Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Captivated by Sunsets

Sunsets are remarkable wonders of God’s creation. Simple and fleeting as they may seem, sunsets teach us a lot of lessons in life.

Bright sunsets show us that sometimes you can be on the spotlight. Life is full of blissful moments, bright experiences and promising paths. This is the moment in life where you know that something wonderful is happening. You experi
ence excitement and energy, yet you know that it doesn’t stay that way forever.

a bright sunset

Sometimes the sunset pictures the big ball of fire about to touch the tip of the sea, and you know that in a matter of time, the colors will blend with the water. In life, no matter how bright the moments are, you have to find ways on how to share life’s beauty with others. In the same manner that the sun selflessly blends with the water while the birds enjoy their surreal flight, we find someone to share our happiness with.

big flame almost touches the tip of the water

At times, you cannot fully enjoy the shades of the sunset because visual hindrances are present – cloudy skies that cover up the journey of light to our eyes. A vivid metaphor in life, because we cannot always have life at its fullest. There are problems and obstacles which we have to face, and they will, unpredictably be there.

hindrance along the way

Some obstacles are too murky and fully conceal our sight of the sunset.

black clouds

But as the sun finds a way to peek its way among obstacles, we too strive hard to reach our goals in life. Despite all the obstacles we encounter, we still appreciate the times when we succeed in lifting life’s horrible veils.

sunset peek-a-boo

We see life’s colors in marvelous spectrum and are enchanted by the wonderful colors of revelry and mayhem.

colorful sunset - Manila Bay

sunset shades - El Nido, Palawan

bluish sunset - Pangasinan

At the end of the sunset moment, we know that total darkness prevails. Yet we always have the positive assurance, that tomorrow the sunset will always be there, ready to be with us in life’s journey…only if STILL want to be captivated by it.

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Joe Adea Photography said...

Stumbled into your blog, I love your images of your travels and the Philippines. Marikina is also my hometown thanks for sharing.