Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pag-ibig (LOVE)

Language is never a barrier to express love. This was what we experienced when we met a sister from Atlanta, USA as we welcome them to the Philippines. Age may have hindered her from learning a new language but if her tongue did not allow her to express it, her action made an even louder expression of love.

Tired from more than twenty hours of flight, she handed out a card bearing her name and a special word written with much effort.

Pag-ibig! Yes, that’s the Tagalog word for LOVE. She smiled and said feebly, “Pardon my handwriting but that’s the best I could do.” This warmed our hearts and true enough, love was felt in a universal way. A week was spent with them and it was not just the unlimited hugs, Kingdom smiles and inspiring stories that bonded us together but the ‘Agape’ love we know we’ll share from time indefinite.

Love is a quality that identifies every genuine Christian. As we grow spiritually, we ought to express it more fully. Along with deeds that reflect a self-sacrificing spirit, it is also important to have a genuinely warm feeling toward our fellow. What if problems arise or cultures don’t blend? Let us not keep account of the injury but try our best to forgive and forget.

Instead, let us always keep account in mind:
By this all will know that you are my disciples—if you have love among yourselves.” - John 13:35

Now, the sister who handed out the card to us may be mountains and oceans away, but we still keep in touch. Together we share the spirit of ‘not looking for our own interests’ but have intense love for our international brothers and contribute to peace and unity.

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