Monday, May 19, 2014

Fine Dining at Home

Wife: “I prepare the food in less than an hour. You finish it in a few minutes. Even so, I will never get tired of cooking for you.”

Husband: “The food you serve is far more delicious than any meal a fine-dining restaurant can offer.”

These were our lines when I cooked for hubby a day after our 1st year anniversary. We both said it jokingly but it was a treasured moment worth remembering. Nothing beats a home-made meal cooked and prepared with TLC. And so, let me share the menu for that night: 

Grilled Norwegian salmon 
Crunchy Breaded-Shrimp
Maki-inspired Salad

For ladies out there who want to reinvent something new or spark up a fine-dining experience at home, try cooking instead of dining out. I am no expert chef, but getting ready for more posts re: cooking milestones in this blog.

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