Thursday, October 05, 2006

Privacy and Respect

Everyday, we mingle with all sorts of people – from the little tykes in the streets to the well-experienced and ripened individuals….. from the underprivileged people to the affluent … from the social ones to the loners… Such are the people who become part of our everyday lives.

However, there is a time when we really need to be alone – time for seclusion from the noisy world, a time to ponder upon our experiences, and a time to be with our own self.


Why is it that some people don’t know how to respect one’s PRIVACY?

Why is it that they still want to intrude on your personal affairs?

Respect for others has been taught even in our pre-school days, however, other people still find it hard to give due respect for others. In a very offensive way, they tear the walls of privacy and slash hard until they could see a rupture on the other person. That rupture suddenly burst and that would be the time for a surge of emotions, a clash on the relationship and a moment of emotional breakdown.


What a devastating scenario.

Thus, we need to avoid such a thing to happen.

Let us continually respect others.

Let us avoid tearing down the walls of privacy.

Remember that the foundation of friendship is at stake.

Today, I have experienced how others intrude into my own space, and I now I know how it feels. But then, I didn’t let it get into my nerves. Thus, the day went on smoothly and peacefully.

Tomorrow, I will mingle with people again.

And again, they will become a part of my life.

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