Monday, October 09, 2006

An Unwanted Stone

An unwanted stone is lying on the street. It is choked with dust, unable to withstand the traffic of people passing by. It is kicked by a sturdy foot. It lands on the other side of the street, and rolls all the way to the corner. It stays there for sometime, only to be kicked again by another sturdy foot. The stone is soiled and no one would dare to notice it.

The stone is hard.


Stiff and unbreakable.

But only from a distance…

If you would pick it up, you will notice the abrasions of the surface. You would notice a fissure or two. But who would dare pick it up and scrutinize it?

No one would.

With a multitude of passers-by, a rushing crowd, honking of cars and stirring people; the stone wouldn’t even attract the attention of a single individual.

How demoralizing for the stone.

All hope seems to be lost.

It just lays there.




The stone is not just an ordinary stone or pebble.

It is a gem. It used to be one.

But life’s cruelties make it become an ordinary one.

Yes, even a gem that is so beautiful, attractive, pleasing to the eyes, and longed for by many; can become an unnoticed stone on the street.

Treasure your life. You may be young, dynamic and powerful today. You may have everything you want. But tomorrow, who knows? You may be like a gem now, but tomorrow, you may be an ordinary stone lying desperately on the street.

So live in a way that shows gratefulness for what you are now.

Don’t wish to be the biggest gem or the most sparkling treasure.

Just be thankful you’re a gem.

Or else you want to be a stone lying on the street.

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