Monday, October 23, 2006

"The Heart"

It seems like an eternity that “the heart” has been locked…

Locked by a compelling chain. Chains as cold as ice, as strong as coils of wire used to lash the physically powerful materials on hold. “The heart” beats with an unfaltering resistance, eager to resist the tension of the cold and the powerful grip of the coils that embodied it. Every second, every moment and every memory fills “the heart” with an empowering psyche that seems to ripen its course.

But no matter how ripened “the heart” is, it cannot flourish. It cannot evolve into a more surpassing season. It cannot share its consciousness with another heart. It doesn’t have the strength necessary to commence the action. “The heart” is lethargic. It appears to be ripened, developed by the milieu it has been a part of, but in fact it is not fully ripened. There are still facets of the heart which needs to be recuperated, in order for it to progress.

The chains serve this purpose. Cold and strapping the chains are, they are the sentinels of “the heart”. They make the heart see the authenticity of the world before “the heart”. Each chain grips “the heart” for it to realize the rationale behind control and power. There is the chain of awareness, a perception of how “other hearts” can lure and disintegrate “the heart”. There are also chains of fear, an apprehension of the world that lies beneath the heart, and an anxiety of not being competent enough to share its consciousness with another heart. Yes, a multitude of chains still take hold of the heart.

These chains make “the heart” understand that the ripening season is indeed a crucial phase. Too crucial for “the heart” to be released instantaneously. For the time being, these chains will conceal “the heart” in its cold grip until the ripening season arrives.

Yes, the heart has been locked. But not for eternity… The removal of the chains will, and should, come to an end…

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