Monday, July 27, 2009

A Reason Why I Visit Facebook

Recently, Facebook boomed in cyberspace, and is now having a lot of regular registered visitors.
Facebook is very much well-renowned as a social networking site. This site caters to a big market ranging from teenagers to adults.

When asked why they are Facebook aficionados, many would mention interesting features, such as interactivity, web-based games (Pet Society, Farmtown, Restaurant City, etc.), and random quizzes and exams for everyone.

As for me, I have another special reason why I visit Facebook.
I avail of the service uLink.

Chikka, by far, is more advanced and commercialized. However, uLink timidly caters to my SMS needs. Yes, Free SMS on Facebook is what I'm after for. :) Without having to download anything, just be a registered Facebook user, and pronto! You can send Free SMS.

Facebook, after all, allows interactivity and provides satisfactory embedded services for its users.


Julius Tan said...

someone generous used his/her/it number to create an application to send SMS... haha! :p cool app...

Bess said...

Yeah :)
It is still operating until now. and the good thing is, no limit for sending messages :P

Julius Tan said...

hindi ka naman marereplayan wehehe! :p