Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Restroom Talks

It was a typical Sunday night which is not so extraordinary from any other evenings...

...until, something happened.

I entered the restroom and stayed there for more than a minute...Fixed my hair, powdered my face, and checked out my looks.

Suddenly, I was surprised to see a guy came in.
Amused, I just smiled said to myself, "He was mistaken. Very funny."

Then, two more guys came rushing in.
I raised an eyebrow, and said to myself, "This is the ladies room. They aren't supposed to be here... Unless..."

It was the MEN's comfort room! Pretended I saw nothing and walked out... LOL

Lesson learned:
Always pay attention to signs.
And if you don't, always be poised despite embarrassment. :P

Restroom Trivia:

In Thailand, there are some buildings with three types of restrooms:
  • Ladies
  • Gentlemen
  • Lady Gentlemen - for the gay people :P
That's how they value the so-called third sex population.

In some Eastern countries like Japan, they have this restroom bowl for ladies. Ladies have to squat on the floor to pee. I find this better than the Western style, for this is more hygienic.

That's all. Enough with too much restroom talks. :)


Julius Tan said...

ang tawag dito, TOILET HUMOR =))

Bess said...

Haha :P
Pwede din :P

Julius Tan said...

Lumilipad ang isip. Saan kaya naroroon? =))