Thursday, September 24, 2009

Over a Cup of Coffee

I wasn’t a coffee lover, actually.

Given an option of drinks to choose from, I would prefer fruit shakes or juice over a cup of coffee.
I have always thought of coffee as unhealthy (yeah way too traditional), something which causes nervous breakdown, insomnia, and other ailments.

But with the advent of caffeine innovation and the spread of cafes around, this tingling aroma of coffee seems to attract me.

However, it is not the coffee itself which I’m interested in.

It is the people whom I drink coffee with, or the moment when I drink this relaxing liquid.

Be it the most expensive frap from Starbucks or the homemade Nescafe coffee, I would surely enjoy the talks over a cup of coffee, the laughter that reverberates in the room or the well-kept secrets revealed between trustworthy hearts. Even a slow sip of warm homemade coffee while reading a great book and the letting the rain pour outside is one of life’s great moments.

Yes, talks over a cup of coffee can bind hearts, accomplish goals, finish projects, solve problems and relax a weary mind.

So the next time someone says “Let’s have a talk over a cup of coffee”, get yourself ready for a great moment. :)

Talks over a cup of coffee in the car


FITZ said...

Hah. Masarap ang coffee pag me sweets. I think ive tasted it all. Haha. But i guess you will love the coffee it depends on its blend or how it brewwed. And its based on how it taste and the smell when brewwing if you want an excellent coffee.

(Mcdo ung coffee haha)

FITZ said...

Masgrabe senyo. Samin hangang dibdib lang pero nakitulog na kami kapitbahay din hahahaha. Haay salamat la na din. :D atleast ok na tayo lahat. Naalala ko ung sinabi sakin nung nakaraan linggo. " malay mo armagedon na next week" haha Sa provident kawawa ung mga saksi dun. :( haay sana ok lang sila lahat...