Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fuji San (The Prominent Mount Fuji in Japan)

A Japan trip is never complete without seeing the famous Mount Fuji, visiting the lakes around it (such as Yamanaka and Sai), eating soba in the famous restaurants, and venturing into captivating sights of flowers, animals, and placid waters.

Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain, can make lifelong memories. It is a well-known symbol for the country and is frequently associated with Japanese art and photography.

The classical cone-shaped mountain, with its ice-capped peak

A little trivial fact:

I asked Japanese friends why they call Mount Fuji as Fuji san, instead of Fuji Yama (yama for mountain). This ‘san’ may sound like the honorific after someone’s name (sometimes translated Mister or Miss), but it is actually an alternative reading of the character for mountain, usually pronounced ‘yama’.

Some mountains are called yama. It can be called Fuji Yama. I learned that the ‘san’ is an indication of deep respect. Some locals treat the mountain as sacred, even as a god, that’s why they use ‘san’.

Here are pictures of Fuji san, the historic mountain in Yamanashi, which the Japanese people take pride of.

Enjoy ;)

Fuji Hakone Izu-National Park

View from Lake Yamanaka (Yamanaka-ko)

Lake Sai (Sai-ko) overlooking Fuji San

Sai-ko Garden

The famous Fujiyama Coaster at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park.

Never visit Fuji without trying the yummy Yakisoba,
which comes in big servings and various flavors!

For more pictures, please click here and let me tour you in the marvelous world of Fuji san. ;)


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