Sunday, November 08, 2009

GOODy Today

1. Offered an old woman my seat while riding the MRT
2. Brought home “pasalubong” for my mom as a symbol of gratitude for her selfless management of our household and for taking care of us
3. Refrained from snapping back at an irritated lady waiting for the queue of cab passengers
4. Visited a troubled Bible student and listened to her concerns for a long time
5. Assisted a 10-year old neighbor in doing her Math homework

Every night before I hit the sack, I say a prayer and think of all the good things I have done for the day. I reflect on the day’s activities and try to see if I had been good even for a single moment.

Childish and traditional as it may seem,but these simple thoughts may give inner peace and happiness.

So,try it. Purify your mind by being a GOODY today.=)

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